Sunday, October 26, 2014

umbrellas for the win

I finally broke down and bought my children umbrellas. I've never really been an umbrella person.. never. I was always of the 'blah blah it's just rain' school. Wear a jacket, try not to just stand out in the rain. Etc.

But, I do have a couple of umbrellas. Two, actually. Someone bought me one 10-15 years ago. The other one I got on clearance 8 or 9 years ago. Most of the time I never even knew where they were.

And then I had children. That I had to take places. On rainy days. And any decent lady who dares to let herself be called mommy wouldn't let her a drop of water fall out of the sky onto her pwecious munchkins, so.. Umbrellas it is!

But regular umbrellas aren't going to cut it for us. For several reasons. There is the look on my child's face when she sees all the other tiny little beings at her school with the coolest, most desirable umbrellas that could possibly be made (while she must use a boring, adult umbrella), but..

The real issue is that there are 2 umbrellas, and 3 of us walking into and out of school every day. So, either I'm going to continue to get drenched or an umbrella purchase needed to be made.

I thought about just getting a new one for myself, but why do that when I can buy fun things for the pwecious munchkins instead?

So I did. Hopefully they will be here soon because I don't even have a proper raincoat. Baby steps..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It shouldn't be this complicated

I had a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago. And didn't get my flu shot. I had planned to, but after I had to wait about 30 minutes past my appointment time just to get called in I didn't have time to wait even longer for them to do whatever they needed to do in order for me to get my vaccine. Even without spending the additional time there, I was late for my next stop. Which was no big deal, just picking up my child from school..

I thought I'd just go back another day. Or maybe go to their walk-in clinic. I wasn't really worried about it.

A week later I stopped by their walk-in clinic. And by stopped by I mean parked in the last available spot at the very end of the parking lot and carried my 200lb, sleeping toddler into the clinic.. only to be told that they don't even offer walk-in flu shots. Which also led me to believe they didn't make appointments for them either. They confirmed that when they told me to call my own doctor.

So I did. My appointment was today.. at 9:15am. After dropping one child off at school, I arrived at about 9:10 with my other child (who is 2). And we waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited, while the tv next to us reiterated the world's worst news with no commercial breaks. Til about 9:47 (yes 32 minutes) when my name was finally called. We walked into the little room and the nurse closed the door behind us. I sat down, got my shot, she typed a few things into the computer, and we were back in the car by 9:53.

I like this doctor, I really do, but I do not like waiting 40 minutes just to get a shot. I just recently switched to her when my former doctor went on vacation for 2 weeks when I had pneumonia. Which was convenient. So, I'm not exactly looking for a new doctor yet, but I guess I'll just have to be better prepared for future visits. Or just stay healthy.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Basically, I assumed..

I really thought that once my oldest child started kindergarten, I would have time.. and lots of it. I'm not sure why I thought that.. I just did. I assumed.

I assumed I'd drop her off in the morning, have an entire day to get things done, maybe have a little time for myself (toddler naptime!), and then pick my child up at the end of her school day. Unfortunately it hasn't been anything like that. I really feel like more things are being left undone than when we were just dabbling in preschool.

Some days we get to school with plenty of time to spare. Other days, we're running. Then the real timer starts.

What can I get done before we need to go back? Dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, going to the post office, returning internet purchases, exchanging things, doctor's appointments. Is my toddler going to take a nap? Shove some lunch into our faces and then off again to the school. Early. Half an hour early if we can manage it. Otherwise we'll be walking.. a lot further than we like to.

And believe me, now that I've done it over and over this week.. having to walk up a busy street that doesn't have a sidewalk, with two little kids, in the rain.. with or without an umbrella.. is NOT awesome.

My youngest child has also decided that whatever time it is to get his sister.. is now his nap time. Full-on nap time. He falls asleep on the way and refuses to be roused once we arrive. And walk. And stand. And wait. And walk back. (Oh no, there's no such thing as a stroller in his life anymore.. he put an end to that the second he could put one foot in front of the other.) It does not add any awesomeness to an already not awesome situation.

I don't know where the time goes. It's been weeks now.. and nothing in our house is any cleaner.. or more organized.. or better looking. It is just barely hanging on to an acceptable level of livable.. with me exhaustedly clinging on to the edge of it. wondering how I can just get ahead. Just one tiny step ahead.

Will I have to wait until both my children are off to school? I feel like then it will probably be even worse. Because I'll be lost. There will be too much time. I won't know what to do with it. I won't know where to start. I'll spend too much time thinking about the possibilities. And then rewriting this post, even more confused about where the time went.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

at the library

I took Lily and Noah to the library today to return Lily's books. She didn't originally want to get any new ones, but once we got there she changed her mind. Then she wanted to look at the dvds before we left. Since it was only a few yards away from where I was standing, I let her go ahead of Noah and I.
Within 30 seconds I was done looking and we walked over to where she was still looking.

She immediately says to me.. They have 'the birds and the bees and me'
Um (oh no, I am not ready for that!)
There's a boy one. And a girl one.
(Looking down at the dvds.) Um. Yup. They do. (Long pause.) We aren't getting that today though.
It's not about birds.
Or bees.
What's it about then?
Um.. life? I guess.
Have you seen it before?
(Trying not to laugh.) Um, no. I just know it's not about birds or bees.

Then she had a nice discussion with the librarian about her Iron Man sweatshirt. (And on a semi-related note to the birds and bees.. ) In the middle of their conversation Lily stated she likes super heroes "even though she's a girl." And I'll be honest, I don't know where that stuff comes from, but it's seems impossible to squash. I suspect it started in preschool and hasn't seemed to lose any steam in elementary school.

I really want to hope that she just pointed it out because she sees the difference and is okay with it.. and doesn't think it's not okay. Because mostly she doesn't care what any one (me. mainly me.) thinks or says.. she does her own thing. And she is wonderful that way. Even when it's difficult (for me. mainly me.).
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