Wednesday, July 16, 2014

what we did

1. Donut cloud
2. Shoe thief
3. Lily's birds
4. Busy bee
5. New Doctor Who is coming! New Doctor Who is coming! August 23.
6. We went to the circus. It was free and Noah actually sat through almost all of it.
7. Peach green tea lemonade or whatever it's called is back. And still delicious.
8. I took Lily and Noah to see the fireworks. And tried to take pictures while holding onto a toddler that wanted absolutely no part of watching fireworks.
9. I finally grew a sunflower. And then one windy day it snapped. Which just ended up being a good reason to bring it inside.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

at least i'm not alone?

Occasionally "things" will happen in our house. I feel like I've mentioned this before, but as it happened more than 5 minutes ago.. I don't remember.

By "things" I mean, like.. mmm.. stuff without explanation. Not the wind, not the age of the house, not power fluctuations, not someone else in another part of the house, not.. whatever. You want to call it ghosts.. call it ghosts. Sometimes I say ghost, usually I will just refer to the "stuff" or the "things" that have happened.

These incidents without explanation never happen before "the incident" and then they never ever happen again. (Or so far anyway.)

We have a sliding door in the living room that shook back and forth one night. Then stopped. Then shook back and forth again. The stopped. Like someone was gently pushing it from the other side. I got up and looked on the other side. There was no one.. and no pets. Nothing.

An upper cabinet door in the kitchen swung open after I had walked into the room and stood at the counter doing something for about 30 seconds. I tried multiple times to recreate it, but I couldn't. It would either stay completely shut or if you unlatched it.. would immediately swing open. I wouldn't say it scared me.. but it was definitely the thing that has startled me the most because it was right next to my head.

The incident that left the creepiest feeling with me was when I thought I saw the last bit of my daughter (her shirt sleeve/arm) disappearing past a doorway. I called out to her and when she didn't answer I went to see where she was going. Nowhere it turned out, she hadn't even left her spot on the couch. And .. then there is the most recent thing.. which.. I'm not gonna lie.. I also really didn't care for.

In the room next to the living room, I often put on a low light when it starts to get dark out. The light in the hall that both rooms open out to also has a low light, but when you sit in the living room you can still see the room light shinning out because it's slightly tinted. Two nights ago the light shinning out went black for a second. Like something blocked out the bulb or passed by the doorway. Ya.. oh ya.

It wasn't even that I saw it out of the corner of my eye.. my head was almost fully turned in that direction. When I told someone else about it, their initial response was "why didn't you run and see what it was?"


So far I have taken it all pretty well, I think, but I am certainly not seeking anything out. I do not want to see a big black mass (or whatever) floating around my house.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


As it is too hot for me to think clearly and lengthfully today.. I instead give you short recaps of our recent days gone by.

When it finally hit me that I should take my children out to play in our own yard more before I really just want to hide in air conditioned spaces all day, every day.. I realized that Lily's bike helmet doesn't fit her anymore. Children's heads grow from year to year apparently.. who knew? So off we went to the toy store to buy her a new one.

Although she would have preferred a pink one, I steered her towards a purple one in the hopeful chance that I could cover up the flowered part with some boy-friendly stickers in a few years and Noah would get some used out of it as well. Interestingly enough I didn't intent for him to wear Lily's old Hell Kitty helmet, but he plunked it on his head anyway.. and seems to love it. See, Hello Kitty is awesome no matter who you are. He is 2, as far as he cares.. it's a hat.. it's not Lily's anymore.. ha ha basically.

I watched Apple's keynote address at WWDC online, got excited about things in the yet to be released OS, and then finally updated my OS to the version they talked about at the last one. Oops.

It took an extremely long time to update, which is why I waited so long. Because I am cautious and paranoid.. first I had to back up my phone, then I had to back up my computer, then download the update, and then install it. It took hours. And I thought I was going to lose my mind during it all.

TLDR: I have no patience. For anything.

The grandparents bought Noah (and Lily) a remote controlled ride-on car.


For no good reason except that's what grandparents do. As is Noah, he didn't get visibly excited about it.. but he will jump right in it the second he sees it.. even dragging the giant thing out of the garage. It has controls so the child can operate it or an adult can use the remote.

I had seen a girl in one at the park on Mother's Day and I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea. BUT.. now that one is in our life.. it's the best thing. I laughed and laughed the first time I drove Noah around in the driveway and the street.

The horn works, there are flashing lights.. it's quite the scene.. to the extent that our neighbor from two houses down (whom I have never in my 6+ years here spoken to) came out to talk to me and watched Noah getting driven around for awhile. Before going back inside and telling her husband what ridiculousness I was up to now. (Yeah, I just assume all my neighbors think I'm weird. Which is fine.. I sort of am I guess.)

We went to the Farmer's Market. Finally. We didn't go at all last year. I bought nothing, but Lily did get a free sample of some baked goods. And she promptly shoved the entire thing in her mouth before I could ask her to let her brother have a bite. The woman was very nice and offered us another one, but I wasn't planning on buying anything and already felt bad enough about the first sample- so I declined. Noah probably wouldn't have eaten it anyway, but..

We left after Lily wouldn't stop arguing with me about whether or not the items at one stand were knitted or not. (They weren't)

I also FINALLY took Lily to her first Home Depot kids workshop. I have been seeing the signs for them since before she was even born.. but just never remembered to find out when they were.  Regret.

It was amazing. She got an apron with her name written on it and a little kit to build a ride-on lawn mower. It was actually very cute and of decent quality. She did almost all of it herself, I helped with the gluing and the end of a few tricky screws. When she was done, they gave her a pin for her apron.

She loved the entire thing from start to finish and we will definitely be going back.. because it is a fantastic event to bribe her into behaving with.

I went to the dentist. And actually had to have novacaine (or whatever) for a couple of my teeth to be properly cleaned. Which was unfortunate- mostly because that's probably going to have to happen every time now.

I was so thrilled that I didn't have any cavities for once. But then I realized it was just because I didn't have any x-rays done. And I was decidedly unthrilled.

Lily got a chance to see the inside of the school she's going to in the fall.. and met a woman that may or may not be her actual teacher. I think she's looking forward to September, but seemed fairly overwhelmed when we were actually there. It's going to be an adjustment for both of us.

And finally.. Lily's graduation slash not-graduation concert thing happened. Last year.. she did great.. was her hammy-self. But this year? She was that times about 5. Or maybe 10.

Basically, put her anywhere near a microphone.. and she's going to use it. Yup.. that's my kid.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the hulk did it

Lily recently had a meltdown about something she didn't want to do. What else is new.. I don't know. I insisted she do it anyway, she did, and the world didn't end. In the process of this, something she had set up for me got knocked over. She knocked it over- and wasn't even aware of it.

When she wanted to know what had happened to it, I told her. And she denied it. Of course.

I revised my story to tell her that there had instead been a really angry, crazy monster that had done it. Screaming and flailing.. even telling me that it hated me! She laughed and said no! I kept on and said that yes, indeed it was true.. and that it was The Hulk. And that.. wait, SHE was The Hulk (she just happen to have on a green shirt and purple pants).

When she didn't believe me I did a quick image search online for her. She just laughed more and kept denying that she was The Hulk. Ah-ha! SHE Hulk.. that was who she was.

So with my 5 year old daughter starring at my phone, right along side me, I did a quick search for the female Hulk. And..

.. oh, whoops! The whole first row of images that came up were so not appropriate, including one that I'm pretty sure did not have any clothes on. I hit the back button before she could even really process what we were looking at. SO lesson learned.. no more searching for images of female comic book characters with children watching.
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