Tuesday, April 22, 2014

mailing failings

For the last few months I have been at the post office a lot. At least once a week, often two or three times. Most of the time it's fine, sometimes the line is long.. sometimes the other customers are beyond unprepared for their turn at the window, sometimes there are severe language barriers, etc. It is what it is.

There is one clerk that has been there for years.. I usually end up at her window and she's never given me a problem regarding anything I've mailed. I pay for things online, have her double check, get my receipt, and leave.

But.. then there's the other side of it all- the clerk that seems to really not especially like me. I get told different policies and rules all the time and it's such garbage. Their attitude is, at best, very "short" with most of their customers. Unless, I've noticed, the other person isn't speaking English. (I hope I'm wrong, but I've stood in that line enough times to see hundreds of other customers transactions, so..) Which has been going on for close to a year, except for the last few weeks that it seemed like they were slightly less unpleasant towards me. And it was fine. But..

Then there was today. Where every bit of distaste for me was back. And probably more. It was essentially the postal police. I was told I could not reuse one type of official post office product to mail in another method. (That's going to be a problem since 90% of my mailing supplies are reused.) For example, if someone sent me something in an Express envelope, I could not, disassemble it and reuse it for Priority mail. What? I even repeated what the clerk said and added "seriously?" to the end of it. Yup.. seriously.

I raised my eyebrows, looked away, and said uh, alriiight under my breath. But "just this once" the clerk allowed me to do it.

The usps policy is now reduce, reuse, recycle? I wonder if they know that. Whatever, happy Earth Day, right?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

and so the 2014 garden begins

Winter hung on for so long in my part of the world, but now it's time for a garden again. Thankfully.

Lily and I planted seeds a few weeks ago and more than half of them are sprouting already. And some of them are really sprouting. The beans and pumpkins are definitely the stars so far. Ya, I know, pumpkins.. I have no idea what I'm going to do with those, because as you can see..

..they are already getting pretty big. And obviously a pumpkin plant has no place (room) in a window garden.. never mind 3 pumpkin plants.

Even though it's still not warm enough for anything else, especially at night, these guys are out already. Onions. Not grown from seeds, but I didn't eat them fast enough and they started sprouting roots and tops. They almost went in the garbage, but after researching online.. I planted them instead. Apparently, they can have flowers as well, which would be interesting.


The onion seeds I had from last year are doing okay though..


As are the poppies, which went almost nowhere last year. Then there are tomato plants (which took forever to have tomatoes last year) grown from tomatoes that I grew. That is the best.

As soon as the weather gets a little warmer at night.. those bean plants will go out into their larger boxes. Hopefully it won't be more than a week or two, as I'm starting to run out of window sills.
Only one pot of sunflowers. And just like the last two tries, they refuse to grow straight. I am still hopeful that with a little encouragement I can correct it. But I also hoped that before and they all ended up broken.

I kept everything inside longer than I probably should have last year. And I didn't get things into bigger pots as fast as I should have. This year I'm working harder to not make either of those mistakes.


And lots of tomatoes. Which is good because, so far, the lettuce and cucumber seeds from last year have not sprouted at all. And I am starting to think that they won't. Which would be sad because they were my favorite things last year.

Friday, March 28, 2014

something that happened today

The only thing I really needed to do outside of the house today involved going to the post office. I had already waited more days than I should have so I didn't feel like I could put it off any longer. We were in the car around 4:30 and since the post office is fairly close I knew we would make it in time. And we did.

Just as I was about to get out of the car, another car parked right next to my door. Right right next to my door. I figured I could get out okay, but wasn't sure how well I'd be able to get Lily out of her door. As I was opening my door, something flew out of the other car towards me, hit my door, and then spun off in another direction. This was followed by extremely loud swearing from the man in the other car- including my personal favorite that begins with a b and ends in itch.

At first, I thought he was directing it at me.. and when he, being 3 times my size, got out of his car I paused for a minute. He kept yelling/swearing and I almost said something because my kids could clearly hear him, but he quieted down as he went past my car. I got out and went to Lily's door, but as I started unbuckling her, I saw him come up towards me- so I stopped and shut her door again.

Apparently the wind grabbed his hat as he was getting out of the car- which was what had flown at me and why he was swearing so loudly. He said it had flown under my car.. something something. But the way he said it.. really almost sounded like I was somehow to blame. Which is why I paused before responding at all.

He was trying to look under the side of my car, but hardly bent down at all. As he was still 5 or 6 feet away from me I crouched way down and could see his hat right near one of my front tires. I told him just that and we walked around to the front of my car. I checked again. Yup..

"I think I can reach it," I told him. As I knelt down on the pavement and felt the gravel going into my knees, I swear I heard him say "I hope so!" But, I mean.. who behaves like that? I don't know. So hopefully that is not what he said. I couldn't be sure anyway as I was halfway under my own car.

I stood up and handed him his hat as he thanked me. He went on to say something about his back and something something something so he couldn't blah blah blah. "Don't worry about it," I replied and walked away. But I couldn't help thinking- well, I actually have my own back problems, including having had surgery a year ago but I just crawled under my car to get your hat after you screamed and swore like a psycho around my kids anyway, so..

I finished getting Lily out of the car.. which prevented him from getting the packages out of his own car. But, you know what? For probably the first time in my life I didn't feel bad or apologize for it. After we finished our post office business and got back into the car Lily said to me "Mommy, you're like a hero!" Which made me smile.. if only we could always see ourselves through our kids eyes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the rest of today is cancelled

Sorry if you had plans. But I'm just over this particular Wednesday.

And it actually started yesterday. From about 11:30pm to 1:00am Noah spent most of the time screaming instead of sleeping. He had had juice and a dry diaper.. he just didn't want to lay down or sleep. Or me. So he screamed and screamed. And shrieked. I was just the jerk keeping him from the person he did want.

So many times I almost gave in, but I knew it would just perpetuate everything night after night if I did. And we're already at 2 nights in a row that he's started doing this. Eventually he gave in to his exhaustion and fell asleep next to his most hated, awful mother.

Then it snowed overnight. But only a fraction of what it was supposed to be and Lily did have school. She actually didn't put up much of a fight getting ready. And I knew right there something in the world was amiss.

Outside.. was freezing freezing evilily cold. I think the "feels like" temperature at 8am with 35 mph winds was about 5 (or less).

Then.. for awhile life was fine-ish. I took a shower. I watched an entire television show. I took a 45 minute nap. A nap!

But then I was late picking Lily up from school. Whoever put her juice back in her lunchbox didn't put the top on right and when I laid it down in the car (and drove home) it soaked everything. I tried to clean it up quickly, but the wind felt like it was stabbing my entire body as I pathetically tried to soak up the juice with fast food napkins. So mostly I just swore.

UPS delivered a package. I saw them coming but didn't get to the door in time, so they left it on the step. No, on the other side of the step. The one that the door doesn't open out to. So I had to step out into the snow, with no shoes on, to reach it. I managed to only have to step out with one foot by leaning leaning leaning and barely grabbing the box with the tips of my fingers. I spun around quickly, clinging to the storm door, and tried to put my other foot inside the house, but only managed the door frame.. and slipped. Flying backward.

I exclaimed my woe to my small children back inside the house. And was met with some very concerned "mommy look at what I'm doing!" remarks. As if they were toddlers and preschool type people with their very own important life changing events going on. Unbelievable- the nerve that I have to have almost cracked my skull open on the cement steps.

Whatever Wednesday, I'm done with you.. let's just move on to Thursday, okay?
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