Sunday, January 11, 2015


Last week I had a meeting. Not a doctor's appointment, not an event at Lily's school, not a family gathering, not errands.. an official meeting. For grownups. And while it had nothing to do with employment, it did have to do with one of my children.. and I kind of wanted to look like I should be taken seriously.

Do you know the last time I had a meeting intended for grownups? About 6 years ago, right after Lily was born when I was going on interviews- thinking I was going to go back to that life (surprise, I didn't).

Since then I changed sizes over and over and over again across all seasons.. pregnant and not. And over those 6 years I got rid of more and more "grown up" clothes that I wasn't wearing.. and replaced it with jeans.. and sneakers.. and more causal clothes. So..

When it was time to get dressed that morning, I panicked- realizing all I had was jeans.. and sneakers. I tried on half my closet, with everything looking like I was in high school. Or really, even worse, someone's mother trying to look like they were in high school. Rather than being late, I wore my mom uniform and prayed we'd all be sitting at a table and not just in some kind of circle, staring each other down.

Thankfully we did. And there wasn't anyone there that I hadn't already dealt with at least once, so they already knew how I dressed.. and probably also already formed opinions about whether or not to take me seriously.

But still, some day I'm going to encounter someone that I haven't yet in some type of meeting.. and I'm going to want them to take me seriously. Do they still product drastic makeover shows? And how do I get on one?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thankfully not a criminal

I was going to write about how today is one of two days of the week that I hate, hate, hate so much. These two days specifically, because of what goes on in our house on them now.. but I won't. Instead I will talk about..

How I decided I was finally going to get my car inspected today. It is overdue for it, and I've been totally aware of it since before it was actually officially overdue.. but I hate sitting around.. and waiting. Also, it involves having at least one, if not more children with me at the time. Children who are also not necessarily good at sitting around either.

So after I took Lily to school, Noah and I went off to the dealer. Not my dealer specifically, but , I did go inside once when I was looking to buy a car.. and since they do specialize in my make of car.. I thought it made sense. Also, they have a space for kids, with a door.. and snacks. Specifically goldfish crackers if I recall. So, really that sealed the deal.

I really didn't want to go. I just really didn't. Like, sliding down in my seat, practically onto the floor in grown-up semi-temper tantrum fashion. But I made myself drive there anyway- because I am a grown up.. and it's not like the car is going to take itself there. If only.

After we parked, I wrote down my mileage and got my registration out of the glove compartment. Haha, no I didn't.

Because it wasn't there. Not a valid one anyway.. just an expired one. Because, I guess, for some reason after I got it inspected the first time (I've only had the car for about 14 months) I took the registration into the house instead of putting it back where it belonged. So, we went back home.

So smart. So organized. So glad I never got pulled over.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

customer unservice

Last night I went out by myself (what?!) to return a lot of things that were piling up. Some things from before Christmas, some Christmas presents that didn't work out, and one thing that took so long to arrive that by the time it did it was no longer needed (and actually it looked weird on me anyway).

Everything was fine at the first two places- and then there was the third place, the toy store. THE toy store. (Which I don't even want to admit to how much money was spent at over the holidays thank you skylanders franchise.) Where I got into a fight with the woman at customer service.

Not even a fight I guess as all she kept saying was "no." You don't expect that. I mean, I know I sure didn't. You bring a new, unused, unopened item back to its store with the original receipt.. and you get told "no." How do you defend that? I'm sure my mouth must have been hanging open for at least a few seconds here and there because I just couldn't  even comprehend what was happening.

Every time I asked her to look it up another way she said "no." Just no, nothing else. I had my license, my rewards card, my credit card.. and just no.. nope.. I don't know.. it doesn't matter.. no. Could there have been a mistake when it scanned? "No." Did my rewards card show I bought it? "It doesn't go back that far." (It had been 2 weeks earlier.) If this isn't the receipt for this item, what is it for?" She didn't know and refused to look it up. I mean, what? A person working at the customer service desk just flat out refusing to help in any manner- that is awesome.

(While this was going on.. about 3-5 minutes.. another man came in to return something. He proudly told them he did not have a receipt. And then that he also did not have a rewards card either as an alternate method of looking anything up. Guess what he got.. $20. Not store credit, cash.)

So I took my things and went home. And told Lily that I got into a fight with the lady at the toy store.

Jason overheard me and went back to the store. And yelled. A lot apparently. Some of it was maybe not necessary, I don't know (I hate making a scene). She was extremely rude to me and when she tried to act the same way towards Jason.. he was having none of it, telling her to shut up more than once.

In the end, he did get the full amount back and also was told not to try something like this again because they were just giving him the money so he'd stop screaming at them. At which I make this face.. O_o

The entire thing was like the twilight zone. I expect people to do the right thing.. not accuse me of doing a wrong thing.

So today, I took Lily and Noah shopping at the video game store (THE video game store) instead (which ended up being cheaper). And two different people, neither of which had to, greeted us and then chatted with us about our purchase. They win.

Friday, January 2, 2015

As of January 2

Since Christmas was officially more than a week ago, I felt like today was finally the day to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special (and also my children finally relinquished the tv long enough for me to be able to). So, I did. And I cried. Three times. I cried about the Danny Pink thing, I cried about old Clara stuff, and I cried about.. something else, I can't remember.

Whatever, Doctor Who.. you think I like you so much cus part of the time I'm saying "ah ha!" at your clever lines, part of the time I'm hiding behind the couch, part of the time I have tears running down my face, and part of the time I'm laughing..? Okay, maybe. Maybe I do.

In other news I cannot believe school vacation is almost over. At first I thought it would be horrible. I thought my child would be running up the walls. Or whatever other type of chaos statement I could make. But she actually hasn't been- knock on wood. And I am genuinely dreading Monday morning. That's nice, huh?

We haven't even really done anything. A few errands here and there, a kid outing on New Years Eve, ridiculous amounts of being silly, tons of video game playing, and mostly just staying at home. It's her vacation.. I figure she should get to do a lot of what it is she enjoys. Within reason of course. As in, we are not going to be eating slices of cheesecake and mini cupcakes right before bed.. cus she tried that already. And I said no.
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