Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky nachos

Hmm.. I want some nachos. I suddenly think "spooky nachos".. since it's Halloween. I go into the kitchen to see Jason using the convection oven.

Laura: Are you making something for Lily?
Jason: Ya. Chicken and potatoes.
Laura: Can you make spooky nachos?
Jason: (looks at me) I was just thinking that.
Laura: Oh, that must be where I got it from.

So today is Halloween.

Soo.. today is Halloween and I'm the only one awake. I don't mean in the whole world, obviously, just in this house. That's frustrating. I hate sitting around and waiting for people. I very often have absolutely no patience.. this is one of those times.

I took a shower though. So that's something. Parents, especially moms, know that you don't always get to do things like that with little people around you 24 hours a day. But when you are the only one awake, you can get away with things like personal hygiene practices. Ssshh.

I was going to catch up on shows I've DVRed, but I don't currently have any. Somehow, with Jason being on vacation, I actually caught up on everything I needed to. I never watch tv anymore unless it's something I have already recorded. I don't have the patience for it (see?). The time spent searching for something halfway decent to waste time watching isn't worth it. AND.. I'm not gonna lie, I do love fast forwarding over the commericals. Partially because I don't want to watch advertisements and partially because I need to know what happens next (no patience).

But anyway, it's Halloween today. Lily is recently 2 and we've never taken her trick or treating before.. this might be the year, but we cannot seem to agree on it. She has a costume. It is a store bought one, but I modified it to be even cooler. Plus she has some of her own "props" to add to it to be so much more than a right from the store costume. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (Plus, I've been working with Lily on her "trick or treat" so Jason will be convinced that she's ready.)

There is a mall trick or treating event we may take her to today. We almost, stupidly, took her yesterday, because when I looked at the date I swear it said October 30. Jason looked at it again as we were getting ready to go. Thank God.

Jason: That thing is tomorrow.
Laura: What? No it's not.
Jason: Ya, it says October 31. (gives me a look)
Laura: Nooo. What does it say on the screen before that one?
Jason: October 31. (turns screen to show me)
Laura: Oh. Well that would have been embarassing!
Jason: Ya. It would have.

I'm not so sure what to expect at a mall trick or treating event. There was no such thing when I was a little kid. Even when I was in high school.. no such thing. (uh-oh, that means I'm old I guess) When I was growing up, kids actually went out in their neighborhood and trick or treated. At least where I grew up anyway.. and it wasn't exactly in the middle of nowhere. Now I guess it's too dangerous? Towns are even having trick or treating on days that aren't Halloween? I really don't understand that. I guess mall trick or treating is good for very little kids though.. like kindergarten or younger. And that's my girl.

I can understand that. Parents don't want to drag their very little ones around in the dark. Especially if they have more than one. Especially when the tricking or treating may last all of 5 minutes before their offspring decide they'd rather have a temper tantrum. Especially when there aren't really bathrooms available to you in the middle of the street. And there usually aren't wild animals, candy stealers, drunk drivers, etc at a day time mall event. And of course.. it's not in the dark. For those kiddos that may or may not be having "in the dark" issues.

So we'll see how it goes. Lily is going through a little bit of a "it's dark" and costumed character fear phase (which I'm sure has nothing to do with taking her to see Yo Gabba Gabba! Live- good job mom), but I think if she knows there will be caaaaaaaaaannnndy.. that's different.

Friday, October 29, 2010

donut glaze warning

Although the subject matter of the warning is no laughing matter, the depiction of it is a little bit humorous. Don't you think? Seriously. Keep your babies away from that dunkin donuts donut glaze.

Friday, October 22, 2010

sometimes we all have to hide

Maybe this photo is a little weird looking to you, but there was something about it that I liked. Jason and Lily on the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. Lily is hiding behind her My Little Pony and Jason is "hiding" behind his sunglasses.

I took this picture only a minute into the ride, so Lily was still hiding and not yet fully enjoying the experience.. like she was about 20 seconds after I took this picture.

Honestly, the only real unfortunate thing about this picture was that because I took this one, I missed taking a picture of the photo shoot we tractored by: a photographer, his assistant, and a lady in an evening gown, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.. in front of a barn in the middle of an apple orchard.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

all about an interview

I had an interview earlier this week. It's the first one I've had in almost 2 years. Because after Lily was born, I went on a few interviews- half-heartedly. And for one reason or another it didn't work out. Okay. I went on two interviews. For the same job. Both times I was exhausted. Being the new mom of an infant and all. So I probably sounded like a crazy person. And I don't really blame them. For the not hiring of me, I mean.

Well, honestly, it wasn't even that. I said something in the interview, and even as I was saying it, my brain was screaming "why are you saying this?!" I think I might have mentioned that I didn't really enjoy a part of my previous job that was also a big part of the new job I was applying for. Not the smartest idea. And I'm 75% sure that's what killed my shot. Ah well. Like I said, my heart wasn't in it anyway.

Soo.. back to this week. I had an interview. At a company that sounded good. For a job that sounded identical (but slightly less workload) to my previous job. I was in the building for about 2 hours, which included about 20-25 minutes of waiting. I spoke to three people- someone from HR, my potential boss, and then his boss. And both the potential boss and his boss gave me their business cards. All good signs. Like, I made it through the entire filtering out filtering process.

Also managed to make a "heck, isn't it a small world connection" with 2 of the 3. The more important 2 of the 3, in terms of who has a say in hiring me. Also, today I emailed one of the people I spoke with. Which, honestly, seems weird to me. But when you consider that people used to (or still do?) send actual "thanks for interviewing me" cards/letters through the mail.. I guess it's a lot less weird.

Because if you think about it, shouldn't you make it seem like they'd be lucky to have you and your talent? And not like you are groveling for the job? I don't know.

But, since it was the first interview I've had in a while.. I was trying so hard not to seem like I was trying so hard. I am surrounded by a toddler all day everyday- so, talking to grownups. About me. Not something I've done too much in the last two years.

And the whole process made me remember how much I hate interviews. I hate talking to human resources people about a job they don't know anything about. It's not their fault. It's just the way it is. The field I'm in.. or any field really I guess, has terminology that comes naturally to me.. but when you talk to someone else about it.. it can be hard to make them understand. But you don't want to talk to them like they're stupid either. Because they're not. They just don't know how to do your job like you do. Thankfully they are just the first line of defense so to speak. Mostly they are just there to weed out the people that don't know how to string sentences together and/or are totally unqualified for the job after all.

I feel like I made a good impression. I am feeling like it's 50/50 right now whether or not the job is mine. Jason asks me every 5 minutes if I've heard back from them yet, but I'm sure they have more people to interview than just me. I was told 3 times that my resume was impressive/excellent/something.. but that could mean "your resume is impressive and we'd love to have you work here" or "your resume is impressive, but.."

It wasn't a question of whether or not I was qualified. It was verbally expressed to me that I was. What is going to hurt me, possibly, is the 2 years I spent out of my field and of the workforce altogether. Either way, I'm not going to worry about. Mostly.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh. Don't be embarassed.

I recently had a job interview. It's the first one I've had in about.. oh, two years or so. Purposely I mean. Not because I would be a terrible employee.

Well, anyway.. it was going fine and good until a spot in the interview with person number 2. He was talking away, when suddenly he looked at my resume again and blurts out something like "so, I saw your blogs, etc etc." (There is nothing on my resume about specific blogs, just that I know how to use Twitter, Blogger, etc.. being the social media maven that I am.) And my response was something like "haha.. (pause. processing.) what?" He explains he did a search for me and found my blogs. Haha. Ohmygoodness. Sharp inhale. Nervous laugh. Pause. "I didn't expect you to say that!" I blurt out, barely remembering to exhale before speaking. (Later all I could think was, wow I wish I had seen my own reaction to his comment)

"Oh, don't be embarassed," he says. Tooooooo laaate!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spidergirl doesn't wear a skirt. Wait. Does she?

I don't know that much about Spiderman or superheroes in general, but I mean.. come on, Spidergirl doesn't seriously wear a skirt does she? With black go-go boots? I hope she at least wears some shorts under that skirt.. how embarrassing it'd be swinging from building to building via a spider string and having thousands of people checking out your spider underwear!

I don't know if Target themselves executed this horrible version of a girl Spiderman or it's just a costume they sell.. but it's an awful awful attempt. Because I looked into it and Spidergirl is an actual comic character (Spiderman's daughter, May). The longest running comic book about a female superhero I believe? Soo.. not cool Target (or whoever came up with this skirted spider), not cool. The real Spidergirl looks pretty much the same as Spiderman, but with a bigger chest.. if you know what I mean. And I think you do. But I'm not typing it out because I don't need that kind of search engine traffic. Anyway..

In my spare time, I have come up with other horrible Spidergirl versions, that would still be less horrible than the costume in this week's Target ad.

1. A pink and blue costume instead of red and blue. But otherwise looks exactly the same as Spiderman. Because you know, pink equals girl. And everyone knows pink is every girl's favorite color and blah blah blah.

2. Same as Spiderman man, but with ponytail or pigtail slots in the head covering/mask.  Or with a bow. A pink one, obviously.

3. Same costume as Spiderman, but without the head covering. And instead a giant curly blonde wig.

4. Same costume as Spiderman, but with the go-go boots. Heck, black ones if you want.

(Don't get me wrong, I love Target more than you know. This isn't Target bashing, it's why the heck is Spidergirl wearing a skirt bashing.)

And ya ya I GET it, for men Halloween is about being scary and/or dressing up like your favorite movie hero/villain or whatever and for women it's time to dress up as a slutty hooker. That's right a slutty hooker. (great, here comes the searches) But, this is a girl's costume. It's supposed to be based off the real thing. Not based off the slutty version that's based off the real thing. You know?

Okay. I'm stepping off the soap box now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

for people of questionable mental status

Before my husband and I were married, we lived next to an "establishment" for people of questionable mental status.

You could practically reach out our windows and touch the fence that surrounded their mandatory outdoor playtime area. Awkward. And you could stand in our bathroom, kitchen, or living room and watch them. Additionally awkward.

I heard on the news recently that one of the people being held there was missing. Oops. Thankfully we no longer live there.

(There was also a religious group that used one of the buildings near that apartment. One day I fell walking up the cement stairs outside our apartment. I cut open the hand I tried to keep my head from hitting the ground with- and got glass and sand in it. I also scrapped up both my knees and one of my legs (through long pants). I was bleeding and in pain. I sat down on the steps and could only cry. Two women from that religious group saw the entire event and just walked right past me without even so much as a "are you okay?" Ya. I hated that neighborhood.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our visit to the pumpkin iced coffee patch

Last week we took Lily to get her pumpkins. It was neat that they had a few pumpkin iced coffee plants there too- I had never seen one in person. Jason didn't understand why I was taking this picture. Later he said I should send it to dunkin donuts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lying to stranger children

Over the weekend Jason, Lily, and I went to get Lily pumpkins. From a legitimate pumpkin patch. We got to go on a tractor ride and everything. On the way from the patch back to the parking lot, we sat next to a girl and her dad.

After I snatched Lily away from her (her dad kept saying she was sick and yet that didn't stop her from trying to touch Lily. On her face.), she kept trying to talk to Jason.

Girl: Do you have any pets?
Jason: No.
Girl: Do you have a dog?
Jason: No.
Girl: Do you have a cat?
Jason: No.
Girl: Do you have fish?
Jason: No.
Girl's dad: Okay. They probably have a car and a house. Leave them alone.


Me: Why did you lie to that little girl?
Jason: What?
Me: You told her we didn't have any pets.
Jason: Why are you bringing that up?
Me: I don't know. I just thought of it. Why did you lie to her?
Jason: I don't know. It wasn't any of her business.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Me. And Lily. And some patience.

Sometimes I just need to have patience with Lily. Well, a lot of the time I do, but some of the time when she screams.. and cries.. and looks at me with helpless eyes.. I think she just really, really wants to know that I have unconditional love.. and patience for her.

And I do. It doesn't always come out that way, but since it does 90% of the time.. I think she accepts that from me. And loves ME. And has the remaining 10% of patience with ME.. and we're alright.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Re: Happy Meal Art Project

Sally Davies, an artist and photographer, bought a McDonald's Happy Meal 6 months ago and left it out to see how well it would hold up. As part of a project, she regularly documents it- visually. Present Day? She's found it pretty much looks the same, but that it's hard as a rock.

Is this a legitimate experiment? I have no idea. However a spokesperson from McDonald's says "From a scientific perspective, I can safely say that the way McDonald's hamburgers are freshly processed, no hamburger would look like this after one year unless it was tampered with or held frozen." But, I mean of course they are going to say something like that- not, 'whoops, you found us out."

I don't know.. seems like another reason not to eat at McDonald's (besides the whole being a vegetarian thing, obviously). It would have been interesting if Ms. Davies had also gotten similar hamburgers from Burger King, Wendy's, etc to see if the results held up also all brands or if one brand was doing something particularly scary.

Monday, October 11, 2010

August 15. Part 2

Lily has very recently developed this new tricky toddler game. If I'm eating something she wants, sitting where she wants to sit, possessing something she would prefer to possess, etc.. she will get into something she knows she's not supposed to get into.

Most of the time it's the cat's litterbox or her diaper pail (although sometimes it's running with scissors (that appeared out of thin air and not because I left them out) or dumping out containers of things that I'd prefer not to be dumped out). So I get up, get her out of whatever situation she's gotten herself into, and fix whatever needs to be fixed. I turn around to go back to my food, seat, possession.. and guess who's beat me back to it? Sticking their fingers in my food, sitting in my spot, and possessing my possession. Ya.. my tricky toddler.

Gosh, she must think momma is so stupid. And well..I DO fall for it EVERYTIME.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

August 15. Part 1

I just made Jason a sandwich. Now, I really dislike cooking. And I dislike putting food type meals together. Even for myself. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong (wouldn't surprise me). Call me lazy if you want (lazy!).. but I just totally do not enjoy it 85% of the time. Every once in awhile I'm like.. "woo.. look at me coooooking! and making up a mess of a storm in the kitchen!".. but not usually. Very rarely. Like 15% of the time. Or less. As you might imagine, this disappoints my husband very. very. much.

But back to the sandwich. Having been a vegetarian for over a decade I don't cook meat.. or deal with it unless I have to (aka Lily's food).. and I'm totally okay with that. But tonight, I tried. It's probably disgusting, but I tried. I mixed a packet of tuna with a little bit of sour cream. I was going to use mayo (which I think is the appropriate condiment?), but I saw the sour cream and wondered what that might be like. I added in some chopped up tomato and then while I was looking for onion powder, found some parsley flakes too. I put it all on a piece of romaine lettuce and rolled it up in a big orange tortilla (tomato?). Tuna and parsley? I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. Are you wretching as you read this? Probably. Whatever. I'm hanging up my apron then..

[P.S. Apparently the sandwich wasn't disgusting. He actually enjoyed it. Or said he did anyway. And I made a similar sandwich again at a later date. But apparently didn't drain the tuna quite well enough and it was therefore less good. Well. What the heck do I know, I'm a vegetarian.]

Friday, October 8, 2010

THE cupcakes.

Right now I am eating this delicious cupcake. There are three more equally delicious looking, but differently flavored cupcakes waiting for me in the fridge. This one is named something like, Chocolate Raspberry Surprise. Surprise, it's freakin delicious!

Jason happened to bring them home for me today, after I casually (honestly, there was no "hint hint") mentioned I had seen a delicious looking cupcake store. And?

Yup. I was right.

oh. fedex. and stuff.

A couple of days ago, I got a call from "fedex". Well, they said they were from fedex, but I mean, I could call you and tell you I was from fedex, but I'm not. Obviously. I was a tiny bit suspicious. Especially when they called no less than 5 times the first day. And zero times the second day. Hmm.

The man that called me, "dave", left a number but when I called it, it rang and rang and rang. No one answered. I hung up. Hmm.

Yesterday I found an old "sorry we missed you. and we are holding your package hostage" sticker from fedex that listed their 800 number. Today, I called it. Twenty minutes later, after being transferred to "terminal control" (?) and being put on hold for ten minutes.. the shipping information was "updated". But they couldn't tell me who/where the package was from unless they actually went and got it from the depths of fedex dead package storage. Nevermind, I said.

It's coming tomorrow. I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's a new car. Or a pony. Or a million dollars. And that's why they called so many times the first day. I'm just hoping it's not a bomb. Or a suitcase of dead fish. Or living fish for that matter.

Also.. during the time when I was on hold with fedex.. Lily decided to dump cheerios all over the floor. Then it was a race between her and I as to who could pick them up faster before she ate them. And I was only allowed to use one hand. She comes up with the best games..
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