Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tofurky Hunting

I didn't see this episode the first time, but I found this video online. Hilarious. (And as a vegetarian, I've had a few Tofurky Thanksgivings.) Where did YOU think Tofurkey came from?

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to "change" your Cabin Air Filter

I "changed" the Cabin Air Filter in my car all by myself today. I watched the video below and it was extremely easy. Extremely easy- for someone that can change windshield wipers, engine air filters, put air in tires, etc. You don't even really need a screw driver- except I did because I had a little trouble getting the clips off the cover over the air filter.

The video was awesome. Perfect. And although that's not my exact car, it was close enough. I watched the video before I went outside. At one point the guy in the video says something like, if your car is brand new you may not have a filter, just a plastic piece. Haha. How silly. Well guess what. You may already have a clue, since the first thing I said was that I "changed" the cabin air filter. Yup.. that's right- there wasn't one there in the first place to take out.

I bought my car from a Ford dealer, had my oil changed a million different times at a few different Jiffy Lubes, taken my car to three different Ford dealers, and it was at a collision repair shop for over a month. Nobody ever said "oh hey, did you know you don't have a cabin air filter?"


The only detail I would add in to the video is that you should make sure your nails are very short before you try to get the clip off, otherwise a flat head screwdriver (or anything similar) works fine to push the bottom of the clip in so you can pull it out of the holder. Jason's cabin air filter is in his glove compartment apparently. And you need a screwdriver to take the door to it off.. I think mine was easier.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Tantrum

Jason: What do you want to eat? Besides what there is already?
Laura: I don't know, what is there already?
Jason: Corn, carrots, potatoes. And uh.. what are those things that you throw at people?
Laura: ...
Jason: umm.. oh ya. turnips.
Laura: What!? Who throws turnips at people?
Jason: Uh... Super Mario. ahaha

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

I fa-reaking LOVE this. And I'm not even a huge, huge Angry Birds addict. Jason and I used to play it together, but then Lily completely took over the iPad (and sometimes plays it herself).

Monday, November 22, 2010

What does the flu feel like?

Jason was dragging himself around the house saying how awful he felt. For hours. Poor thing. Until finally.

Jason: What do you think I have?
Laura: I don't know, the flu?
Jason: What does the flu feel like?
Laura: Like you're dying. (pause) And/or you want to die.

Oh, God.. please don't let it be the flu. Cus, I mean.. I had the flu once.. it was horrible. Horrible. And it wasn't even as bad as the flu gets for some people.

Oh ya, and I mean.. I don't want Jason to have it either.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA Agent vs 3-year old girl

For the last week or so, I have been hearing so many horrible stories about what it's like at Airport Security these days. It makes me glad I don't fly- because it sounds pretty bad.

Last night, Jason mentioned a video about a 3 year old girl that was patted down and was yelling "don't touch me!" Just from what he told me about it, I had doubts. "She must have been coached," I said. "Or," and I paused. "Maybe something else was going on."

So I came across the video today. It was part of a news story. The little girl's father was a tv reporter and had taken a 17 second video of his daughter screaming and flailing while her mother held her and a TSA agent tried to scan her with a wand and then, when that failed, tried to pat her down.
There was back story, from her father. He said his daughter was already tired/cranky before they got to the gate. Then her teddy bear had been taken away to go through the scanner with the rest of the family's carry-on belongings (which started the crying apparently). And then she personally set off the alarm twice.. and that's why they were patting her down at all. However..

It was obviously handled SO poorly- you could see that even in the 17 seconds of video. The parents may have been relying on the TSA Agent to know how to properly deal with a little kid, but when she, obviously, failed to.. the parents absolutely should have stepped in. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and perhaps they thought they would just try to get it over with as quick as possible.. but that 3 year old girl was pretty hysterical. And I'm sure other people in the area were upset for her as well.

Couldn't the parents have asked the Agent to just stop for one minute and to try to calm their daughter down? They could have tried to get her bear back for her to hold on to during the search (especially if that's what set her off in the first place)- even if it then had to go back through the scanner. They could have made up a silly explanation about what the lady was doing- looking for contraband snacks.. or hidden pet hamsters. Or maybe allow themselves to be patted down so she could see it was okay? She's obviously tired, upset, confused, etc. Like I'm sure so many other people that go through the scanners. The difference with her? She was 3. Three.
Absolutely the TSA Agents need lots and lots of training (God, I would NOT want their job). But one more thing to add to the training? The skills to deal with scared kids. Nervous/confused adults. The training to explain what they are doing as they are doing it, to know how to properly deal with people that start to get upset about the excessive touching, etc. I have now idea what type of training goes into being a TSA Agent, but I think you should practically need a degree in it.

Oh and one last thing, did I forget to mention this all happened in 2008? Ya.. it did. Not in recent months like people want you to believe. There is a short article on Tech Dirt. And, for now, the news piece on Youtube.

Friday, November 19, 2010

What toddlers eat..

Laura: Are you hungry?
Lily: Hungry! (rubs belly)
(She started doing this recently. I have no idea if this means she's hungry or just that she knows that it's somehow related to food/eating).
Laura: Do you want to eat?
Lily: Eat!
Laura: Okay. What to you want to eat?
Lily: Food!
(I laughed. Okay. She wasn't just repeating me, she knew what she was talking about. Phew.)

The new best thing about little kids..

I only have little kid experience through 2 years and X months, but..

I think one of the best things about little kids is that they sleep. And they SLEEP- sleeeep. So so hard. As hard as they run and jump and play and live life.. they sleep that hard too.

Sometimes they don't sleep. When they are supposed to. And that's horrifically frustrating for the tired people around them, but when they sleep, they SLEEP. Anywhere and everywhere. Imagine if grownups got to do that? I am tired so I am going to just lay down on this display of produce and rest for a minu..zzzzzz. In the middle of shopping.. this sweater is so soft and fuzzy and oh- it makes a niiice pillow. Good night.

Some days I watch Lily sleeping and think, wow- just look at her sleeping there, not a care in the world. Totally totally innocent and unaware of all of the horrid awfulness in the world. The biggest travesty in her life is when it's time to go to bed and we have to take the iPad away from her for the night. Or when she wants to scale the bookcase and I have to pry her little tiny fingers off the shelves.

I love that. Because for a second you think, oh God, that really is really awful, huh? You are right there with them. You want to let them scale the bookcase, because they want to. Is scaling the bookcase really that bad when the alternative is that their heart breaks into a million pieces? There are decades ahead for them of things that are so much worse than that.. why should their little kid hearts break now? Over this?

But then you realize that you are the parent. Their parent. And it's your job to break their heart a little bit, so that they don't break their arm- a lot. And besides, little kid heartbreak is usually forgotten the second you tickle their side or give them a hug and tell them that "it's okay." They believe you. Automatically. Just like that. And sometimes, before you know it, they'll fall asleep on you. Just like that. Two minutes ago,  you broke their heart into 12 million pieces because you are the meanest, most awful person, and how could you DO that to them. And then they're over it.

Eventually they'll wake up. And smile at you. Because you are there. Of course you are there. The idea that you weren't there hadn't even crossed their mind. And then, that's the new best thing about little kids.

Photo Friday is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I don't know. Most years I think I like Christmas, but not until after Thanksgiving. The last few years seem to be a blur (mommy-of-a-toddler brain), but this year I'm loving Christmas.. even before Thanksgiving. Practically before Halloween. The day after Halloween I bought a Christmas decoration.. and it's been hanging up ever since.

When the Christmas displays, ornaments, etc go up at Target.. it's so perfect and festive. I love it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Road to Target..

("I'm ging to make the road to Target glittery cause that's how you feel when you're going to Target and you know Momma has money"- me!)

The road to Target sure as heck is paved with glitter! And possibly coffee grounds (which is just as good, or better). Emelie is wise beyond her years. Or just "suffering" the after effects of caffeine. Check out one of the latest posts on Pioneer Woman- which has more to do with making maps and such, but they DO go to Target.. and the Starbucks within. Which is, of course, a fantastic idea.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giveaway Mania Rears its "Ugly" Head. Maybe.

I used to enter a lot of giveaways. (Well, now and then I guess) On blogs and such. I won a few times. Two or three times I think. Four maybe. I won something I really needed for Lily once, and that was pretty awesome.

But then I kind of fell out of the giveaway entering. It seemed like it got so complicated. The requirements to enter kept getting more and more.. complicated. There were so many things I could enter to win- keeping track of everything was getting to be too much. And then sometimes the blogger running the giveaway would never even post a winner. I just eventually had to assume it wasn't me and move on.

And well, I was getting swag from companies too. And then I was getting more swag from companies. And more. I started to think entering giveaways was a waste of my time when I could just contact the company myself and ask for review samples. (Plus, Jason tells me everyday he's sick of all the crap that keeps showing up on our doorstep. Ungrateful.) No, it didn't always work, but it worked often enough that I was satisfied.

But now? Now I'm getting a little giveaway itchy again. I said, a little. There are things here and there (haha) that we could definitely use in our lives. Laundry detergent not being one of them- I totally see that Jason, you don't need to remind me. (In all honesty, I believe we will not need to buy laundry detergent again until 2012.. possibly longer). Or shampoo. Or bandaids- don't get me started.

Giveaways for bigger items like video game systems, fancy car seats (but not more awesome that the one Lily already has), trips, and new homes are cool.. but millions of people enter those. Millions. Or, at least hundreds of thousands. And those odds suck. I know someone has to win, in theory, but the odds of it being me (or you) are pitiful. I can't waste my time on that. (I need to "waste" it on blogging. Obviously.) And I'll probably just "get in trouble" for bringing more clutter home anyway.

What I really want to know is.. where are the cash giveaways? For thousands of dollars? I could really really use that. We all could, right? And there's no way I'd hear any complaints about stacks of dollars bills taking of space. (Mostly because it'd probably be spent before it even had a chance to settle, but whatever.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

There I go, sporting that deathly ill look again..

I remember the "good old days" when you got sick. You could just drag yourself to the local medicine shop and buy some medicine. Now? Now half of it is locked up and the other half you have to be over 18 (and show ID) to buy.

I had forgotten about all that fun stuff until I went to BlogHer in New York this year. And was sick the whole time. (Thankfully I had gotten a sample of NyQuil at the conference (without being carded).. even though it did knock me on my ass.) On my way home I stopped at Target to buy DayQuil.. and was carded.

Now that I am sick again, I dragged my poor miserable self to the closest medicine shop.. happens to be a Walgreens. I bought a bottle of Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Warming Night Time Liquid- specifically. Part of the reason I bought it was that it was "honey lemon" flavored.. but also because it seemed to fight off the symptoms I was dealing with. Did I get carded? No.

There were only two reasons, I can think of.. and neither one of them was that flattering to me. Either I look so way, way, way over 18 that there was no doubt whatsoever in the cashier's mind. Or I looked so deathly ill that she was totally sure I wasn't buying the medicine to get high off of. See what I mean?

It was probably the deathly ill look I was sporting. Because I was definitely sporting it. And it's absolutely in fashion this upcoming season- I'm totally a trendsetter.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

He says the sweetest things

I am sick.

I am laying, dying, on the couch. Sort of propped up with a pillow. A blanket over me. Mouth half open. Staring off into space. Husband comes into the room..

Jason: Are you feeling better?
Me: No.
Jason: You look like crap.
Me: Thanks.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to crawl into a quiet corner and wallow in my misery, before, possibly, dropping dead.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Early November Snow

If you live where we live. And you slept in on November 8th. Then you missed the snow that.. snowed. But..

I didn't sleep in on November 8th. And when I woke up and went into the bathroom.. the shade was up and I was shocked to see the whole backyard covered in a blanket of white white snow! It was a very light blanket.. but heck it was a blanket nonetheless. (And it was actually already raining by the time I saw that it had snowed.) Snow on November 8th.. what will they think of next?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the new face of phishing

How sad. How terribly terribly sad..

They go after "little old ladies", the internet unsavvy, the over trusting, etc. And now they are after the truly desperate (especially this time of year).. the jobless. Who are these dastardly folks? Phishers. Foreign ones. Foreign Phising. Phoreign Phishers?

[On a semi-related note, I saw a man standing in a local intersection with a large sign which read "WILL WORK FOR FOOD" this week. God, it broke my heart and made me wish I had a job to give him. At the same time I thought "I know we are having our own financial troubles, but at least they are not so bad that we have to stand in an intersection with a sign." And then I thought, wow, he wants a job to earn food/money.. and isn't just sticking his hand out for a donation- you gotta respect that. Jason agreed, saying most people around here would just run down to the welfare office.]

But back to the phishers. I got an email from "Diana" and unfortunately, since my full name was in the subject line of the email, it can't be that hard for any old schmoe to find it on the job search engine she mentions. Su. Per.

I skimmed the email- horrible English that sounds like something Babblefish would translate from another language. Bizarre phrasing that, while it sort of makes sense, isn't the way you would normally piece together sentences, but still, they were "deslighted to propose" (yup, deslighted) to me, so..

"As it goes, [company x] is an ideal way for customers to draw income in the process of providing feedback, making comments, making of, commenting out to organization." (Did you get that?)

But, what are the job requirements really? Pssh! Like. Nothing! You just "lunch in café or purchase things in shops reveling in life and assisting firm at the same time." Ya? Sounds amazing and not at all like work so you'd be crazy not to sign up. And also..

I might make $1,500 to $2,000 a month! Or not. Or. Maybe they'll remove that much from my bank account. Monthly. Or until I discover it. (Looked into it online, someone else actually responded to the initial email, but when they got a response back with a lot more questions (including bank info) they caught on to the scam.)

What's the next step you may be wondering? Just head on over to their website to download a contract and "sign it in a mandatory way." (Well, obviously you'd do it in a mandatory way.. is there any other kind of way?)

But the best part ever (ever!) is the description of this wonderful, wonderful company. They are in the business of "perfect[ing] quality on an international scale by applying anonymous resources." Oh ho ho.. anonymous resources.. ya, you better believe they are! Use their resources to anonymously empty your bank account.

Heck, they are just trying to "fix the system of improving level of amenities" - don't be mad.

Signed "Regards Sincerely"

(We have a saying here. If it sounds too good to be true.. it probably is. Probably.)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ladies, hide your potatoes..

Yesterday when I was cleaning up Lily's 8,000 square yards of toys, I came across a small pair of black glasses.. Mr. Potatohead's presumably. But, hmm.. did her Mr. Potatohead have glasses? I thought she actually had a Mrs. Potatohead.. and I didn't remember glasses. Weelll, maybe they were from the extra set of potato parts I had gotten her. Whatever.. like I can remember every detail about every toy she has.

Then today I see her with a Potato. Wait a minute. That IS a Mr. Potatohead. Um. Why is something not right about it. I look at its orange nose. Blue shoes. No no no. This is new. This isn't her Potatohead. Thinking....

Wait. One. Minute. I realize why it looks familar, but not as Lily's Potatohead. I call Jason..

Me: Did you open my Mr. Potatohead from New York? (BlogHer '10 edition)
(96% of what I brought home from New York was for Lily. The Potatohead was something I was keeping for myself. Someday when I had a shelf.. it was going on it.)

Jason: (pause) Ya, it got opened.
 (It got opened? Puh-lease. Does he think I'm not going to question that wording?)

Me: Oh ya? How did it get opened?
Jason: (pause) Well, I opened it.
Me: And why did you do that? It was mine.
Jason: Well you left it out and she saw it.
Me: I didn't leave it out. It was packed away.
Jason: Well, I took it out and she saw it. What? Are you mad?
Me: She already has one. That one was mine, from New York.
Jason: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to get you a new one?
Me: No.
Jason: Do you want me to make you one?
Me: No. I want you to not have opened it.
Jason: The box is downstairs..
Me: It's too late now, you already opened it. (click)

Hmm.. I wonder where Jason's unopened toys are, I think Lily needs some new things to play with..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The demonic possession of our DVR. Or something.

I'm not totally sure, but I think our DVR might possessed. I don't know if there is a real definitive way to tell if something is possessed or not.. I mean, there probably is, but I don't know too much about demonic possession (there's a search term for ya).

I was just looking through what's set up to record over the next few days and found some bizarre things. On Saturday, "Tomahawk Trail".. a Western from 1957 starring Chuck Connors and Susan Cummings. On Sunday, "Shake It Up".. a Disney show about best friends who dream about becoming background dancers on a teen dance show in Chicago. An episode of "The View" on Monday featuring Natalie Cole.

I thought that was it, but no. Next Sunday.. "Shades of Brooklyn, Volume 1." Volume One. Claims to be "an exploration of youth and sexuality in an urban environment- apparently a brief one as it's only 20 minutes long.

And so far that's it. But I mean, you never know what's gonna be on there next- the possessed are hard to figure. Or it could just be acting out because it knows it's being replaced. The new DVR has been hooked up and recording for the last couple of weeks on the same shelf.

(Side note: Not that any one of those recordings is so particularly bizarre, but 1)altogether they are and 2)no one in this household watches anything even close to those types of things. So ya know, possessed DVR.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What do toddlers eat?



I'll come clean about it.

Lily eats, like,.. nothing.

She's 2, so I mean.. what do you expect? But, it is really starting to make me upset. She used to eat anything I put in front of her, but over the last 4 or 5 months she's gotten progressively worse.

Her first real, solid food was kiwi. Kiwi! It was awesome. She'd eat avocado, bananas, and whatever else that was kinda soft and mushy- before she really started getting in her mouth full of alligator teeth. (And I think she was a little early for each tooth milestone.)

Then she started to get picky. Sometimes. For a couple of days she'd eat, say, strawberries. And it rocked. Then she'd want nothing to do with them for weeks (or longer) before she'd touch them again. This was true for pretty much every food. One day out of the blue she'd eat something like peas. And I was practically doing the dance of joy. But, try to make them again for her the next day.. she'd throw them at you.

Then she was on a chicken nugget kick. For months actually. Both at home and at the drivethru during errands. I wasn't happy about drivethru food, but heck she was eating protein!

Eventually she stopped eating chicken at home, but drivethru was still okay. "Chicken and fries! Chicken and fries!" I'd hear from the backseat out of nowhere. "Okay, okay," I'd surrender and get them. At least it was something.

Now? All she eats are the fries. Refuses even a tiny bite of the chicken. But when 4 or 5 days go by and she hasn't been offered chicken, I try again. Like last night. I made her 2 chicken nuggets, 3 smiley face fries, cheese, and mandarin oranges. I put the plate down on her table where she immediately ate one of the smiley fries. Yeah- eating food!

I went into the kitchen to get my own sandwich (and broccoli for both of us), but when I came back 30 seconds later.. she was throwing the chicken and remaining fries into the cat's food bowl. "What are you doing?!" I yelled. I mean. Obviously, ya know? I tried to explain to her that we do not do that. And blah blah blah. Which is basically what she heard I'm sure.. blahblahblah. Mommy is blathering at me- good times.

I was mad. Really mad. I turned off the tv. Took away the iPad (oh God, not the iPad!). I don't remember what else. I was mad. I had had enough. This kid is eating food  one way or another. If I have to get a freaking juicer and put her green beans in her apple juice.. then I'm getting a freaking juicer and putting her green beans in her apple juice!

So. Today is a new-ish start. This morning I offered her two pieces of toast with a little butter (with calcium!) and three mandarin orange slices. And juice- of course. She ate most of the toast and one orange slice. Okay. Not ideal, but not too bad either.

Lunch was another story. She said no to everything I offered to make her. Sigh. So she had some chocolate milk (has refused to drink it plain from year 1- I have always hated plain milk, to this day, but my parents were just meaner) and ate some goldfish crackers. And then a little chocolate pudding.

Ya ya. I know. Chocolate pudding. Kind of a lot of back peddling, but I wanted her to eat something. And out of all the options she would eat (candy, candy, cookies, cake, candy, cupcake, candy).. the chocolate pudding was the best one. Plus, ya know.. milk is in it. Probably. Aaand.. I am trying to remember to pick my (food) battles with Lily. Dinner is my battlefield.

Are all toddlers like this or only the American ones?

All about Bonnie

So now that I am watching Toy Story 3 for the third or fourth time in the last 26 hours..

I am thinking more and more about how awesome the little girl, Bonnie (Emily Hahn), character is and how well her traits were developed. In the first 2 movies, although the Toys were Andy's, Andy wasn't involved too much and we really don't know too much about him (or his family). The third movie tells us more about the Andy family, even though it's still not tons- actually, I think we find out more about Bonnie.

How great would it be for Bonnie to be the main child in Toy Story 4? (Please let this series continue.. it's too good to stop now!) I can totally see her actually being very involved in whatever adventure the Toys find themselves in and it would be nice to shift the storyline a little to be about a girl for awhile, instead of a boy. And she's not princess-y girly, so I think little boys would still be interested in the movie.. even if they couldn't identify with her as much as they did Andy.

I'm totally voting for a Toy Story 4. And a Toy Story 4 with Bonnie. Who's with me?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Toy Story 3 story

Well today is the day. Toy Story 3 has been released to the masses. We are big, big Toy Story fans at Team Tantrum.. being led, of course, by the littlest tantrum- Lily.
I think I saw Toy Story when it first came out. In the theatre- gasp! And it was only in the last few months that I watched Toy Story 2 for the first time, along with Lily. And well, I've seen them both, in whole and in many many parts, a total of 275 times now.

Everywhere we went for months.. Toy Story 3 toys e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. There even may or may not be several of them in our house, hidden, and waiting for Christmas. Pssh.. don't look at me. That's was all daddy's doing. I know! He bought them months ago. I told him he better not let word about it get out or he might be evicted from the men's club. Oops.

Anyway. I got up around 7:30 this morning. Not on purpose mind you. And then I had to pee SO bad I couldn't go back to sleep until I used the bathroom. Which I had to wait 15-20 minutes for. So, ya know, by the time all that was said and done with.. obviously I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep again. BUT.. Lily was sleeping soundly, so I tipped toed around getting ready to go out. We were dressed, ready to go, and in the car by .. wait for it .. like eight thirty a.m.! Oh ya and you better believe I spelled it out for dramatic effect.

We went to the grocery store, where I had found the best deal on TS3. And yes I did have my $8 off coupon thankyouverymuch. Lily, for some reason, had to bring every stuffed animal on earth with us and s.c.r.e.a.m.e.d bloody murder when I only let her bring one into the store with us.

Where is it in the store? I have no idea, I've never bought a dvd at a grocery store before. I found them where the books where. But no Toy Story. Oh God. Look again. Nothing. Shiiit. Wait, what's this? A Cars display? Uh-oh, that's a bad sign.. like, so many people bought Toy Story 3, they had to put some other display up instead. Shiit- I didn't plan for this! Maybe it's somewhere else..

I walked around and into the next aisle where I found some new, delicious, vegetarian snacks. Mine. Oh well, I thought, at least it wasn't a total bust- we'll find TS3 eventually today. At the end of the aisle there was a Toy Story 3 display that we had walked right. by. But it was turned away so I hadn't seen it the first time. Oh Thank GOD!

All set. I am not the worst mother in the world after all.

I got back in the car and looked at my phone. Text message from Jason: "Toy Story 3 in HD is being loaded on apple tv" What?? Apparently he had bought it on iTunes before he left for work and didn't. bother. telling. me! (Another shinning example of our fantastic communication skills.)

Eventually we made it home. Do you know how cool it is to go out, get your errands done, and be back home before 10:30? There might be something to this getting-up-early thing..!

I'll spare you the details of how I couldn't get the apple tv to play TS3. We ended up watching it on daddy's laptop. And I use the term "we" loosely. Lily watched the first 20 minutes or so and about the last 10 minutes. I, on the other hand, watched all of it. And it was very good. 200 times from now I might not feel the same, but as of right now.. it was very good. And. I might have cried. Just a little bit. At the end. Can you believe that? What a sap. About toys for God's sake! Something sad happens to a person, and oh, that's too bad. Something sad happens to toys.. and it's oh God WHY?! boo-hoo-hoo. Geesh..

Sony Wireless Headphone Mod

Got Laura these really awesome Wireless Sony Headphones when she was pregnant to help keep things quiet (and keep the baby asleep) in the first year. The headphones are very comfortable and have good audio quality. Highly recommended.

Guess what? They broke. (probably from being tossed off the couch by a 2 year old, (or thrown off my head when I was playing Halo...whatever.) The wireless part still worked but the speakers were blown to bits, made crackling sounds and the soft ear pads went missing/were eaten.

Do I want to spend another $40 on a new pair? Well.....I'll spend $40 on an empty box, as long as it's shiny and has a plastic dome I get to cut through to get at it and saw a commercial for it. But I'd rather spend $40 on something else.....

So what to do, what to do.

Wouldn't it be cool if.....I could use ANY headphones I wanted or even use 2 headphones simultaneously AND keep wireless capability? Hells yes. And let me tell you, it's damn cool. And all it cost us was a trip to RadioShack and like $3.

Story in pictures.......

Mr. BusinessCard-Box Head

Here's what you can do with some Mr.Potato Head (Make a Monster Pumpkin) Halloween parts (meant to be stabbed into a pumpkin) purchased for only $3.

Just used some green construction paper, a cardboard box that some business cards came in, and some imagination. Oh and I poked some holes in the box. I POKED SOME HOLES IN THE BOX! (Sorry were you going to use this box?)

Now go run down to your local Target and go fight for some leftover junk for cheap. (I even got a $0.75 orange mini led flashlight at Toy's R Us that's so bright it'll fry your retina like a sunny side up egg.)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Yo Gabba Gabba Vans are finally here

What's better than Yo Gabba Gabba? Or a brand new pair of Vans? Umm.. a brand new pair of Yo Gabba Gabba Vans. Duh.

I've been waiting for these to come out for a few months. And finally they are here (for toddlers and kids only- Jason). Hooray! I see some of these fancy shoes in Lily's future..

--edited by Jason @ 2:09am 11/2/10 (turned autoplay off on the video, dontcha hate it when videos just start playing automatically? I do.)

--edited by Laura @ 2:58pm on 11/2/10.. well, excuuuuuse me. Jason. Ya ok, it was annoying. But I'll never admit that you were right. Oh. Oops.

Halloween in review

Four o'clock came and went. And we never made it to the mall trick or treating event. I thought we should have gone. But.. Jason actually hates crowds. And small groups. And individual people. If there is more than one or two people in a restaurant we want to eat in.. (or a square mile radius).. it's kinda too much for him. So, we didn't go to the mall.

But we did take Lily trick or treating. Sort of. We live in a weird neighborhood. I know little kids live here. I've seen them. I've seen the bus come down the street and a dad waiting for it. And there's at least one that has the grandchildren while the parents are at work. But..

We got Lily into her costume. Got her out the door. Puttered around in the driveaway a little. Got out of the driveaway and started down the street. We got to the first intersection and stopped. Everything was completely dark. And completely silent. A few houses had lights on. But no kids. Anywhere. So we turned around and went home.

Lily went trick or treating at our house. And seemed thrilled when candy went into her bucket. Jason thought we should try the neighborhood again. What was going to be different this time, I don't know, but off we went. However..

We couldn't get Lily to walk out of the driveway. It was too dark and she was having none of it. And, I mean, you could tell in her head she was thinking "I know I'm 2, but I'm not stupid. Our house has the candy why are we going to walk around in the dark looking for more?" Wise beyond her years..
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