Thursday, June 23, 2011

ay dios mio

(I had no idea how to spell "ay dios mio" .. I had to look it up. I also was only 75% sure I had the meaning right. And I think I do .. because .. it seems to have a kind of broad meaning.)

On Saturday I woke up in so much pain. So so so much pain. Lighting bolts in my back and down my legs. And I could only bend slightly. Awesome. No problem- I've only got to watch an extraordinarily strong-minded toddler.

The back pain went on all day. And all day Sunday as well. Nothing helped.

First thing Monday morning I called one of my many doctors to make an appointment. (Actually, it's just a few.. but still.) Nothing until Thursday. Oh. My. God. Honestly?

Tuesday the pain was less. Wednesday was about the same. I started to think I had made a big deal for nothing. But then..

I woke up on Thursday in the same pain as Saturday. Oh. Perfect. My appointment was first thing and thankfully Lily got to stay home with Grandma.

Still, I have luckily escaped being a surgery candidate. However I've now got to stop all medication. Everything. But I do get to embark on a new path. Physical therapy. Pool therapy to be exact. I almost laughed. I just love being in the water so much.

No, I really don't. I actually don't love it at all. Or wearing appropriate swim clothing. However, I did just sign Lily up for swimming lessons. So.. I guess it's perfect timing. We'll see.

Aaand then I stopped by another doctor's office to make an appointment. After telling my life story to the receptionist and everyone in the waiting room.. I was seen right then- no appointment. I wasn't expecting that.

I had my blood drawn- which is not the highlight of my life. It was not so bad.. but I always (accidentally) make such a big deal the nurses always think I'm a fainter. Which I'm not.. I just can't stop myself from turning a tiny stab with a little needle into the world's most awful pain with an enormous sword. Turns out, I survived it..
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