Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Off to swimming school

Lily's first swimming lesson was on Monday. I had been postponing getting her in the pool for a few years now (since, like.. when she was born), but finally decided now was as good of a time as any to start her aquatic experience.

I had originally signed her up for weekend classes, but when the session began and we were still the only ones in the class, I switched to a weekday in hopes that the class wouldn't get cancelled. I had been hyping up "swimming school" for over a week and everyday she was asking about it- no way I could let her down if it was cancelled due to under-enrollment.

Jason happened to have the day off and I thought he'd want to go. He didn't really.. but in the end we convinced him and it was good to have him there.

Well? She pretty much rocked the pool. When the instructor heard it was her first time in a pool/for lessons/etc..she looked "ready" for a struggle. But she didn't get one (from my toddler anyway). Lily got right in the water, started splashing around, going after some floating fish (while using some floating things and mommy to hold her up), and even stuck the tip of her nose in the water (once). It was pretty awesome and there were big smiles from all three of us. Every time she got close to where Jason was sitting she would yell "look at me daddy!"

She really didn't want to try floating on her back. And at the thought of blowing bubbles in the water? She thought it was amusing that her instructor and I did it, but she wasn't interesting in trying it out herself.

About 20 minutes of class was all she really wanted. The last 5 minutes or so was spent trying to stop her from walking into the other kids standing on the steps and taking all the swimming toys for herself.

Today we talked a lot about "listening" at swimming school and about trying out blowing bubbles in the water. She seemed agreeable, but who knows what it will really be like when we show up at the next lesson.

(Oh, right and you think Jason got any pictures since I demanded he bring the camera to capture the 1st swimming lesson memories for all eternity? Nope.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ay dios mio

(I had no idea how to spell "ay dios mio" .. I had to look it up. I also was only 75% sure I had the meaning right. And I think I do .. because .. it seems to have a kind of broad meaning.)

On Saturday I woke up in so much pain. So so so much pain. Lighting bolts in my back and down my legs. And I could only bend slightly. Awesome. No problem- I've only got to watch an extraordinarily strong-minded toddler.

The back pain went on all day. And all day Sunday as well. Nothing helped.

First thing Monday morning I called one of my many doctors to make an appointment. (Actually, it's just a few.. but still.) Nothing until Thursday. Oh. My. God. Honestly?

Tuesday the pain was less. Wednesday was about the same. I started to think I had made a big deal for nothing. But then..

I woke up on Thursday in the same pain as Saturday. Oh. Perfect. My appointment was first thing and thankfully Lily got to stay home with Grandma.

Still, I have luckily escaped being a surgery candidate. However I've now got to stop all medication. Everything. But I do get to embark on a new path. Physical therapy. Pool therapy to be exact. I almost laughed. I just love being in the water so much.

No, I really don't. I actually don't love it at all. Or wearing appropriate swim clothing. However, I did just sign Lily up for swimming lessons. So.. I guess it's perfect timing. We'll see.

Aaand then I stopped by another doctor's office to make an appointment. After telling my life story to the receptionist and everyone in the waiting room.. I was seen right then- no appointment. I wasn't expecting that.

I had my blood drawn- which is not the highlight of my life. It was not so bad.. but I always (accidentally) make such a big deal the nurses always think I'm a fainter. Which I'm not.. I just can't stop myself from turning a tiny stab with a little needle into the world's most awful pain with an enormous sword. Turns out, I survived it..

Friday, June 17, 2011

this is where i talk about my love for pollen

No. It's not. The pollen this year has been kicking my @ss. The last few days have been awful..

Last year I was taking Claritin.. and it was pretty awesome. This year? I'm too afraid what with all the other nonsense I've had to take over the last 6 months or so. (Well, not nonsense.. thankfully it's all been pretty helpful pain reducing stuff.) Right now I'm taking the scariest medicine I've probably ever taken in my life (except maybe whatever they pumped me full of at the hospital in the days surrounding my introduction to mommyhood).

Yesterday I was wondering what the weather would be like and headed over to the weather channel. This is what I found instead..

.. really? Very High? Like "high" wasn't high enough.. I didn't even know there was such a thing as "very high" pollen. If it gets any worse it's really going to have to be called "seriously, just leave the country until it passes pollen level" because this morning I couldn't even open my eyes.

Yesterday I was like..

Which I thought was bad. But then today is a whole new level, (like a "very high" one?)..

I don't know if I'm exaggerating. I think I'm not, because..

The upside is that it's raining now. Although barely. Hopefully it will at least bring us back down to "high pollen" and I can stop drinking 25 cups of coffee a day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Legoed Out

I was in the middle of vacuuming. And then this happened..

I think this is what is known as "Lego delay"? So I suppose I will have to sit down and wait until the Legos clear up. Good thing I already made my coffee.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

oh. hey there

Has it been a week already? I don't know where the last 7 days have gone, honestly. Maybe there's been too much eating at Chez Tantrum lately- and I can think of nothing else. Bowls of pasta..

Gardenburgers on English Muffins. With lettuce, mayonnaise, mozzarella, sauteed peppers/onions/mushrooms..

Or maybe I've been overwhelmed with Play-doh. And mini Lalaloopsy dolls. Yes, combined..

Or the fact that I've been outside more. Yes, outside- where it's less electronic device friendly. And where my mini partner in crime..

Takes her energy out on newly built things like..

Newly built by parents with apparently not-so-bad playground building skills.

Lily was SO thrilled about it. Especially since she's been on a pirate kick lately.. it has a ship's wheel inside the little house. After it was built and I tried to get her ready to go out it for the first time.. she ran around yelling "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" Cost: priceless.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just a minute. Just a minute.

Oh. My. Word. This video is hysterical.

I just discovered Mama's Losin It- this video is what led me to it, actually. I've watched it four times already. And laughed. So hard. Every time.

Jason looked at me like I had "lost it" as well. I made him watch it. He didn't laugh. "It's so funny!" I said. He looked at me.. "that's just like you," he says. Ya, I said. Just like me. "I just ignore Lily all day and blog while you're at work. " Another mom blogger's cover is blown.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

april showers, may flowers, and all that. now that it's june.

I kept meaning to post some pictures that I took with my new fantastic camera (thanks husband). There wasn't that much going on in the yard a month ago (plus, there was so much rain), but I did get a few pictures of the wild flowers that were starting to bloom.

At first I thought I'd be left taking pictures of the driveway, but the more I looked, the more I found little signs of spring hiding in what winter left behind.

There were a few small violets, dandelions, of course.. and a couple of insects that were still long enough for me to capture them on film. I thought for sure, that spider was going to jump at the camera and I would scream like a banshee. Even though I'm not so scared of spiders.. I don't want them jumping on me.

The bee was my favorite. Never taken a picture of a bee before, but it was pretty easy with a digital SLR.

And then there were the daffodils, which are an undeniable sign of spring. They looked a lot better a few days before this picture was taken, but their color is still pretty nice.

Wow. So ungeeky of me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

forks over knives

As a vegetarian, I am so excited about Forks Over Knives, which "examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the so-called “diseases of affluence” that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

Nearly any angle that leads someone to a more plant-based or vegetarian diet is alright with me.. so the idea behind this movie is pretty awesome. [As the mom of a toddler that does not live in a "major city," I doubt I'll be watching this in a theater anytime soon.. but I can dream.]

For me, being a vegetarian is more than just not consuming animals. It's about thinking about what I'm eating (or not eating). It's about constantly reading labels for hidden gelatin, chicken broth, and beef flavor- and then discovering how much sugar, fat, calories, artificial ingredients, and more something really has in it. Disgusting.

Do I eat processed food? Yes, sometimes.. and so does the rest of my family, but it doesn't come close to making up even a quarter of our diet. I try to do as best I can as often as I can for us. That's realistic. And sometimes realistic is the best we can hope for.

I don't know if this movie promotes being realistic or just promotes making all the hard changes that a human should really make when it comes to their diet. Either way, I'm so excited that this movie was made, it's going to lead to so much discussion.. and hopefully so much better living. Longer. And healthier.
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