Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yellow Cucumbers

If it weren't for fresh vegetables right from the garden or local farmer's markets, I don't know how I'd get through the summer months. My mother-in-law has had a small garden in the backyard for the last few years and the cucumbers have definitely been my favorite.

Last week I noticed that there were some bright yellow, almost orange, cucumbers appearing in the garden. Yellow. Cucumbers. At first I thought it was summer squash. And was a little disappointed- I really wanted those cucumbers. When I took a closer look at them, I realized they were in fact cucumbers. Look at that thing.. is it a cucumber or is it a lemon?

I finally got the courage to try one yesterday. (After I found a little info online that it probably wasn't over ripe.. just another type of cucumber.) And? It was really delicious. The yellow cucumber did have a few more seeds than its green neighbor, but they weren't any tougher. The flesh was a little crunchier- more like an apple and the taste was a little different. Some bites seemed more acidic while others more buttery. But it was good..

.. and I ate all of it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

BlogHer. Will I or won't I?

I am not going to BlogHer '11 this year. And I've been upset about it off and on. More on as it gets closer of course.

I went to BlogHer '10 in New York last year and it was fantastic. I would have attended this year in a nanosecond. Buuuut.. it is kind of like.. on the very opposite side of the country (a mere 3100 miles). Not that I wouldn't have driven it.. because.. how amazing would that have been?! But.. Jason couldn't take 2 to 3 weeks out of his life to watch Lily or for all three of us to go. So. That was the end of that.

I could have flown. Sure. But, somehow.. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. For something like that. Even though I really wanted to be there.

It would have been nice to have a redo of the conference last year because.. two things. One, I was just starting to get sick when I arrived in New York. And two, I never made it to a single session. Seriously. Partly because I scheduled so many other events, parties, and time with sponsors.. and partly because I was getting sick, feeling miserable, and falling asleep because all I had was NyQuil (thanks for being at BlogHer or I wouldn't have had anything).

I read through all the session info beforehand and picked out things I wanted to participate in.. including some author signings. On the second day, after lunch, I went up to my room, downed some NyQuil, and just slept. For hours. I woke up, went out to get sandwich, went to a party that wasn't worth it.. and then went back to my room to sleep. I never even did anything in the city outside of a BlogHer or sponsored event- it was so disappointing.

But.. there's always next year. And you better believe I will be reloading Twitter every 2 minutes (with my fingers crossed) starting at noon (9am in San Diego) until they announce the location of BlogHer '12. Because I'm praying for New York again- or even Chicago. Hartford? Philadelphia? Boston? I think it will be back on the east coast next year. I hope.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, it is way more than hot enough for me. Thanks.

The hottest it got here today was 102 degrees. Farenheit. And it felt like 111. But I don't know from personal experience, because..

Lily and I did not leave the house today. The window in the bathroom was open a few inches and when I put my hand up to the screen I could feel the intense heat blowing in. So disgusting. Anyone in this part of the country without air conditioning today must have been beyond miserable.

But also, strangely enough, Lily woke up at 6:30 this morning. Actually. I woke up at 6:30 as well.. with her crawling on top of me and saying "change my diaper." I started to put my hand on her diaper to see if she really needed it changed.. only to discover she didn't even have one on. Of course I jumped up and popped a new one right on her. I looked in her bed, our bed, the garbage, the floor, the top of the diaper pail (thinking maybe she's shoved it in the top).. and couldn't find a discarded diaper. So..

Me: Lily. Where's your diaper?
Lily: The diaper center.
Me: (Thinking: What?) Where's the diaper center?
Lily: (Points to a stack of new diapers)

Hmm.. she obviously doesn't understand what I'm asking. Okay. Jason comes into our room from the bathroom.

Me: She crawled onto me asking for her diaper to be changed.. but she didn't even have one on. Do you know what happened to it?
Jason: (starts laughing) Oh. That explains a lot.
Me: What?
Jason: I woke up with a diaper on my head. I thought it was just one that I forgot to change her with.


And so began our day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My love of all things structured

I survived my first week of pool therapy. And tomorrow starts weeks number two. I have no idea if it's working/helping or not. Buuuuut I decided yesterday that I don't particularly enjoy physical therapy in a pool.

It's not that it's so painful for me- mostly it just makes things ache (but by the end of therapy days I am pretty uncomfortable). So it's not really that- although there are leg weights and larger floating barbells in my future. And I'm guessing there will be more pain with that.

But mostly I hate having to wear swimming attire. And swimming shoes. And getting up early. And cleaning up on the the days my mother-in-law watches Lily so I can go. And being in 80-85 degree water for an hour. And breathing in "a lot" of chlorine for over an hour. And washing bathing suits by hand. And worrying things won't be dry in time. And sometimes they're not. And not being able to get the chlorine smell out of my nose. Ever. And taking three showers a day. And..

And.. I was thinking maybe I could just go once a week. And..

Wow. I just hate having structure in my life apparently. What a baby.
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