Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In which I say "oh." Twice.

More physical therapy today. The second time, since out of the pool, I found myself thinking that I didn't really want to go. The land therapy is a million times better than being in the water and I don't find myself in a lot more pain when I leave than when I go in.. but still, I am getting discouraged. But..

It may not matter anyway. I had a surprise re-evaluation today and when it was over.. I felt like my therapist didn't really know how to tell me..

I didn't make any significant improvement since the last re-evaluation. Oh. Which I took to mean that insurance won't be approving anymore sessions; although she didn't actually say that. But, I know how it works.. I had heard her telling someone else last week "as long as you're improving, insurance will approve more sessions." Perfect. (So I have one more session and then I guess "good luck with that pain.") But in other physical therapy news..

A few weeks ago, I noticed a man in the therapy area walk by me with a wooden box. And then walk back the other way with a wooden box. And back again with a wooden box. When he passed me the second time I was confused and when he went back again after that I thought something was up. (There is an adult day group that comes to the building sometimes.. I figured he was part of that, kind of wandering around and the therapists just let him be.)

I heard him talking to some of the women there.. as they were giving him more exercises to do. Oh. Walking a wooden box back and forth across the room was part of his therapy. And later they had him using a broom on the floor all around the room.. of course everyone had to make a comment about it (and could he come to their house when he was done?). He was there again today with the broom (among other tasks) and I heard the same type of comments. He must hear it every single time- he took it well though, smiling (outwardly anyway).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How green you all must be

Last Sunday, all three of use went out for a few hours. (I know.) Which happens like twice a year.

Then we got home. I dragged myself into the house, flopped onto the couch, and prepared to die as I knew the cold that had previously afflicted Jason and then Lily.. had finally gotten to me as well. The actual cold only lasted two days or so, but I still haven't fully recovered. The highlight of it all was waking up one morning with the worst headache I've ever had in my entire life.. and it not getting even slightly better for the next 8 hours. Despite taking headache pills. But then Jason got home, and preformed some voodoo/Bruce Lee/reiki on my head/face. And the headache was totally gone in 3 minutes. "Where have you been all day?!" I demanded to know.

I'm still sneezing, still have a runny nose, and now I have a cough too. A week later. Summer colds are totally the best- like I said to a nurse at my doctor's office, "like I'm not hot enough already."

And that's pretty much been my life for the last 7 days. Jealous?

Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday, the weather was so perfect. When Lily and I got outside to play (well, she played- I sat on the steps or lurched along slowly behind her) it was in the low 80s. The sky was a perfect blue with tons of white puffy clouds. Sounds nice, right?

Oh, and it was. Until. Lily trotted away from me saying she was riding her bicycle (she trotted along and "peddled" with her hands). Alright, that was fine. Until.. she headed towards the middle of the driveway.. and I got up from where I was sitting. "Lily! Stop!" I yelled. And she didn't. I started towards her and yelled for her to stop a few more times. Not surprisingly, she didn't. I hobbled as fast as I could, sending pain shooting down my leg (hey there it's your slipped disc, remember me?).. yelling the whole time.

She got to the street and I still hadn't caught up to her yet. I knew I wasn't going to catch her. I knew that if a car came towards our house there was nothing I could do but hope they saw each other and both stopped. Totally helpless.

Thank God she only darted out a few feet before she circled around the bush at the end of the driveway and came back into the yard. Oh my God, Kid! I was nearly in tears when I caught her and I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard my screaming. For about 6 seconds. Until I realized how much I was freaking out and caught myself, because she looked scared.. as much as I probably did.

In a much quieter, calmer voice I explained myself to her.. cars, that she can't run away from me like that, cars, cars, that she can't run out of the driveway, cars, she needs to listen when I tell her to stop, blah, blah, blah, and cars. (Our neighbor drives way too fast and I'm always worried she's going to come too close to hitting a child/pet/adult) And then we hugged. It wasn't until I stood up that I realized how much I was shaking. Who needs coffee when your toddler can just scare the absolute crap out of you instead?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How is that a ceiling?

Politics really aren't my thing. And I'll admit I probably don't know half of what is really going on with the debt ceiling right now. Buuut..

..I was kind of thinking. How is that a "ceiling"? Do you raise your own ceiling every time you want to buy a taller lamp or get a bigger Christmas tree? Like. Every time.

At this point.. why even have a ceiling? Why don't they just take the whole damn roof off and call it a day? When it rains, we'll just get out our umbrellas.

Last night I heard they would most likely raise the "ceiling" another $2 trillion. Trillion. (It's already over $14 trillion. Trillion.) I'd like to have a trillion dollars. A billion, a million, or even half a million. To just kind of buy whatever I "needed." And when that wasn't enough, I'd just call up my credit card company and have them extend me another million.

Aaand then.. maybe just kind of not pay them back for a hundred years or so.
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