Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Total unacceptable nonsense

Last week was the first time that I started buying things for Baby X. Lily has a pretty big wardrobe.. of which I still have every piece (except a hat that somehow got lost at the park one day)- so we're pretty all set for another girl. And we don't yet know Baby X's gender (hence the name "Baby X") so we don't know if buying up every item of cute boys clothing is going to be necessary yet. But there I was in stores on Friday.. buying baby things.

It started out innocently enough- there was a sale and I was just looking. But then ohmygoodness.. there was so much cuteness! Soft tiny clothing cuteness. I bought a pair of pajamas and a long-sleeved onsie for Baby X and a dark blue skirt with silver stars for Lily.

Lily was semi-impressed with the skirt. For about 10 seconds. Then she moved on to the other pieces I came home with. As she was trying to put them on herself, I had to stop her and tell her that no, they were for the baby. She looked at me like "what?! What do you meeean that something exists that is not for me or will not soon be adapted into being possessed my me??! This is nonsense mommy. Total, unacceptable nonsense."

The next time I bought something for the baby (and a pair of purple socks for Lily), she didn't want anything to do with it. She already totally got what was going on here and was not having any of it. Until..

The final BabyGap of the sale weekend. And I saw these..

.. ohmygoodness cuteness overload. And I was helpless to do anything but buy them up! Lily was actually interested in them. And even more so when I told her I would try to find some in her size- and that suited her just fine. I dug out her brand new pair of bear slippers I got on sale last winter.. and all was right with the world again. She is totally on board with Baby X and his/her occasional acquisition of new things.
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