Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The key to doing this all day

Last night. Last night, well, actually..

Yesterday, I needed some food and groceries. After I got myself ready, I tried to get Lily to get ready to go. But at one point she just ignored my request to come over to me (shocking!). I counted down (which annoys Jason to no end)- and she kept ignoring me. So instead of getting mad, instead of asking and asking and asking and asking.. I said "forget it, we aren't going."

Which led to the thinking that maybe I'd go out (by myself!) when Jason got home. Which was all of like, ya right.

When Jason home I really didn't want to go anywhere. Did you know that being pregnant makes you more tired than usual after wrangling a toddler all day? But I wanted/needed food. And when I thought about trying to go out the next day with an uncooperative toddler.. to probably Target (which she treats like Disney World), I got my tired, pregnant butt up and got ready.

Jason: Where are you going to go?
Laura: Either Target or the grocery store. If Target were closer I'd definitely go there. But, I don't know.. the grocery store is so.. unsatisfying. Ya know?
Jason: Just go to Target then.

So off I went. To Target. And when I got there I was greeted by a police car, ambulance, a Target security guard, and a man laying on his back in the middle of the parking lot. See what I would have missed out on if I wasn't motivated by not dealing with toddler-in-Target drama?

I got way more than I meant to buy- and texted Jason.. "This is why pregnant women shouldn't be allowed in Target by themselves.. no self control."

When I got home, Lily was running around the house like she'd just eaten an entire bag of sugar and Jason looked like he was rapidly running out of patience. An hour later when she was still bouncing off the walls, spilling her food everywhere, and generally being almost 3.. apparently Jason had had enough. As I was picking smashed food out of the carpet, he said to me.. "I gotta give you props, I don't know how you do this all day." I looked at him and smiled. "That's really nice," I said. " I don't think you've ever said something like that to me.."

It's not always that bad. Sometimes it is, but not always. I don't know how I deal with it either, I just do. She wasn't born a toddler.. so I had some time to grow into dealing with someone who has that level of energy and zest for everything that exists. That's putting it nicely. What also helps a lot is..

When Lily stalls bedtime, sometimes she loses it, but sometimes she's pretty funny. Last night she sat on the floor putting on Jason's shoes and told us she was going to be daddy. She deepened her voice and then said "I'm Jason. That's great, you're fired."

We started laughing so hard- Jason nearly fell over and I had tears coming out of my eyes. I don't know where she got the idea to pretend she was daddy, that she needed to deepen her voice, and come up with something silly to say- when not even quite 3 yet. She's a super smarty pants and fully knows the ideal way to delay bedtime, as well as make mommy and daddy laugh so hard they're crying. It's kinda the key to doing this all day. It's kinda what makes you love life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heck, who doesn't want that?

Thank God for the invention of the DVR. For the past few weeks, for EVERY commercial that comes on tv, Lily pipes up "I want that!" We mostly watch Nick Jr and other kid friendly channels, so it was mostly toys. Toys she doesn't have or has ever seen before- but it doesn't matter (thanks marketers). Polly Pocket, Barbies, rescue figures, all kinds of baby dolls, dinosaurs, whatever. "Mommy, I want that!"

I always say "I know you do, but you can't have everything." The final straw came one morning, when switching between DVRed shows for her, there was an infomerical for some new exercise dance videos. And she saw it. "I want that!" I looked at her, "that's not a toy it's just exercises."

"Mommy I want that! I WANT THAT!!" Oh my goodness. "Lily.."

"I WANT THAT! I WANT IT! I WAAAANT IT!" What is going on here I thought, as she threw herself on the couch and erupted in tears. Tears. I hadn't even told her she couldn't have it and she was having a full blown temper tantrum about an exercise video. Something that wasn't on a children's channel and wasn't targeting children in the first place. But everyone was wearing bright colors, listening to music, and "dancing" around with big smiles on their faces. So who wouldn't want that, right?

Then the next day.. a commercial for Polly Pocket or whatever and another "Mommy, I want that." I know Lily, I know you do. After that? A commercial for a mop. She turned around and told me I want it. I did? Really? That's what mommy wants? Out of all tv advertising that she's seen, mommy wants a Libman Wonder Mop? Awesome.

The third commercial was for IHOP and I told her I'd rather have that.. and she said "okay." But now? I actually kind of do want that..

Monday, September 26, 2011

It is sometimes almost never dull. Usually.

Every weekend now, I've noticed that of the blogs I read, the posting on Saturdays and Sundays are very light, if at all. That's what I get for following mainly mommy bloggers (just meaning that all the bloggers have children- young ones at that)- of which I suppose I am one as well. I have a few more minutes on those days to enjoy a blog post or two.. and they just aren't there. However, most weekends I guess I don't post as much either. Hypocrite.

The past week or so has been.. sometimes ridiculous, sometimes illogical, but really without much in the way of dull moments. The big project was Lily's room. And she decided she wanted it pink. Pink. I asked her over and over, "what color do you want your room to be?" Just to be sure. And every time, the response I got from her was.. "pink." Ug.

I don't hate pink, but I do kind of not so much like the idea of painting an entire room of a house pink. But it's her room and we'd decided to let her choose the color.. and pink it was. We got 100 different samples from Home Depot and Lowe's.. 90% of them were pink. Of course she didn't have the interest of picking the shade, which left it up to me. And the whole time all I could think was "I can't believe this room is going to be pink. I can't believe my child wants a pink room." She has some clothes that are pink, but no more than any other color. She likes Hello Kitty and her Lalaloopsy dolls, but she also likes Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine, stomping in puddles, and being a little daredevil. Basically.. a very well rounded almost three year old.. and yet she wanted a pink room. Sigh. Fine..

I narrowed down the pink paint samples to one that I figured was light enough not to be overwhelming, but still "pink enough" for her.

Thursday was paint buying day. Which was.. not so free of incident. But.. we survived. We got paint, paint sticks, a roller, and masks. The woman getting paint mixed after us was, amusingly, buying the exact color we were. What are the odds?

By the time we got home, got together everything for painting, and I taped up the room.. it was too late to start painting. So, Friday became painting day instead. And OF COURSE.. since I've waited my entire life to paint a room.. now that the opportunity has presented itself.. I'm pregnant. Jason got to do it all by himself. He got a little bit in places that will have to be touched up later, but otherwise he did a great job- and didn't complain once. (I think he may have even enjoyed it.)

Since the last few days have been so humid, the paint took more than a day to be completely dry.. and the room is still sitting empty. (But on a positive note, THANK GOD Jason listened to me 8 days ago and DID NOT take down the air conditioning. We had it on over the weekend. And you better believe I didn't miss an opportunity to point out it was a good thing he listened to me.)

But during all of this, we had quite a bit of who-is-living-where issues. Right now we live in a two family house with extended family. There was yelling, arguing, and heated discussions about who was living on which floor and when.. and who was not living in the house and how soon. By Sunday night, as Zelda (not my dog) and I sat in the kitchen I said to her "what is it with all these crazy people that we're not related to (by blood)?" I feel like she knew exactly what I meant even though she, surprisingly, didn't say anything.

Other highlights of our weekend include, Zelda eating a bee and then vomiting up everything she'd eaten all day (did you know you can give Benadryl to dogs in situations involving bees?), Jason shaved his head (mostly), and everyone in the house is highly pissed off/stressed out about at least 1 or 2 things (except Lily). So basically there's really almost never, always and never a dull moment, for too long.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Total unacceptable nonsense

Last week was the first time that I started buying things for Baby X. Lily has a pretty big wardrobe.. of which I still have every piece (except a hat that somehow got lost at the park one day)- so we're pretty all set for another girl. And we don't yet know Baby X's gender (hence the name "Baby X") so we don't know if buying up every item of cute boys clothing is going to be necessary yet. But there I was in stores on Friday.. buying baby things.

It started out innocently enough- there was a sale and I was just looking. But then ohmygoodness.. there was so much cuteness! Soft tiny clothing cuteness. I bought a pair of pajamas and a long-sleeved onsie for Baby X and a dark blue skirt with silver stars for Lily.

Lily was semi-impressed with the skirt. For about 10 seconds. Then she moved on to the other pieces I came home with. As she was trying to put them on herself, I had to stop her and tell her that no, they were for the baby. She looked at me like "what?! What do you meeean that something exists that is not for me or will not soon be adapted into being possessed my me??! This is nonsense mommy. Total, unacceptable nonsense."

The next time I bought something for the baby (and a pair of purple socks for Lily), she didn't want anything to do with it. She already totally got what was going on here and was not having any of it. Until..

The final BabyGap of the sale weekend. And I saw these..

.. ohmygoodness cuteness overload. And I was helpless to do anything but buy them up! Lily was actually interested in them. And even more so when I told her I would try to find some in her size- and that suited her just fine. I dug out her brand new pair of bear slippers I got on sale last winter.. and all was right with the world again. She is totally on board with Baby X and his/her occasional acquisition of new things.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, we have no bananas today.

I woke up before 9am today. Maybe it was 8:00, I don't remember- I sleep as late as my toddler will let me. And every day is different.

I waited and waited and waited til almost 10:00, when it was clear I wasn't going to be in anyone else's way, to take a shower. And I waited and waited and waited for the water to warm up. I got into the back of the shower, thinking it would be any second. But that second never came. And I was already there.. so I took a half-shower anyway. It was 50 degrees outside and the water was ice cold- I wanted to scream the entire time (thinking it might make the ice water pain more bearable)- I washed my hair quickly and got out.

Then Jason went off to have his MRI- lucky guy. I had one about 6 months ago.. it was one of the most relaxing 40 minutes time slots of my life. Ya, the machine is a little loud.. but it's basically a white noise. And you get pillows.. a blanket (they keep the room cold because the machine gets hot).. headphones playing whatever kind of music you want. They purposely make you as comfortable as they possibly can because of that whole pesky you-can't-move-even-a-tiny-bit-for-half-an-hour thing. It's like going to a spa. For me it was anyway.

Jason sent me a text while he was waiting.. "Just got the most painful injections of my life." Oh. And then he followed up with this..

Now there's a hospital that doesn't want a lawsuit. Later today (if Jason ever makes it back from that) I have to go to the dentist. Up side? They aren't going to be able to take x-rays even if they wanted to. Thanks Baby X.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

There I said it. And now you know.

I like email. (There I said it.) It's my favorite way to communicate with people outside of my own house. I also like the internet, texting, blogging, and Twitter. I like being able to edit myself before putting my words out in the world. I also like to have a record of what happened.. because "proof" is pretty awesome to have on your side.

So that's how I communicate when given the choice. It's also the way I prefer to communicate with family members. Because, let's face it, families can be complicated. I don't have enough patience to constantly tiptoe around people to make sure I'm not saying something that's going to set off a million dominoes. Or whatever. And I give super kudos to anyone that does have that kind of patience. Seriously.

I finally sent an email today, that took me like.. 4 hours to figure out how to write. But it's done now.. so I can move on with my life. What a flippin' pain. There's no reason it should have been that difficult to write three sentences, and yet..

Well, whatever. I don't feel like I had to tell more family before I told the internet, but I sure as heck wasn't interested in dealing with what'd happen on the off chance that they read this blog. And know what I had to say here, before they learned about it in a slightly more personal way. But they aren't really technology people, and they just don't get it.

Oh.. and Lily's going to be a big sister in February. (There I said it.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bent stripe overload

I don't really understand all the fuss about the new Missoni stuff at Target. From what I read yesterday, everyone was either freaking out in love with it or they were shaking their head in confusion. Or they didn't even know what was going on. (Not me, thanks to Twitter.)

When I was finally able to access the Target site.. (seriously? It was being crashed over this Missoni launch?) I found a few cute pieces (more so for kids), but nothing that I wanted to spend that much money on. Some of the sweatshirts were cute, one of the dresses looked like something I would wear, and some of the baby/toddler pieces were cute.. but I can find better things to do with $45 than spend it on a raincoat for my daughter that she'll wear 5 times.

The next time we head to Target (probably today) for other things, I'll see what they have left of Missoni. Maybe it will all be so amazing in person that I won't be able to resist snatching something up. But I don't know, that's a lot of stripes and zigzag. I watched Carson Kressley on The Nate Berkus Show this morning.. and he was talking about polka dots.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A big day for us.

On Friday, Lily's new bike arrived! I looked at it online with her last weekend and she said she wanted it, but she doesn't know it's sitting in a box in the other room. (I am actually quietly freaking out with glee about it.)

I am slightly less excited about trying to put it together, but Jason seems to think it's not going to be too difficult. Are we just being naive? Isn't the putting together of the first bike a rite of passage for parents? (And some don't come out alive?) I'm not worried about it, we'll figure it out.. even if I do hate having to read the directions.

Lily will be three at the end of the month and this is her first real bike.. we skipped over the tricycle altogether and went with a small two-wheeler. With training wheels of course. [I remember at her 2 1/2 year check up, Lily's doctor thought she was totally ready for something with pedals. That was she a little advanced for her age, curious, and fearless (spinning on the stool and running around the room). I feel like she even talked about a two-wheeler, but maybe I'm making that up.]

After the excitement of the bike box arrival, we all went out. Not so unusual. But the unusual started when Jason said he wanted to eat in a restaurant. All three of us. Without any prodding from me.

Jason is not particularly in love with a crowd and Lily lacks some patience in the area of sitting at a table while everyone eats- so we generally avoid it in public places.

We found ourselves at a buffet. Not the best of buffets, but it was alright. The salad was good, as was the corn, rolls, fudge, and key lime pie. The pizza was surprisingly really good. The green beans were not good and the sauerkraut was really sour/unedible. Aand that was pretty much the extent of it for this vegetarian. Lily enjoyed french fries and chicken. And ice cream; two of which she dumped on herself and the table. The highlight for her were the salt and pepper shakers (and dumping them out onto the table) and the Slurpees (although she complained they weren't "pink enough").

The real mention of it was that a woman had been murdered in the bathroom. Murdered. Not while we were there thankfully, but a few years before. I refused to go there for years afterwards- it was a little too brutal of a situation for me. Even now, it's all I think about when I sit there and eat. We really need to find a better hangouts.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phone calls with a toddler

Sometimes Jason calls just to talk to Lily. He pretends to talk to me for a little while and then I must hand the phone over to the toddler. But it's fine because the calls usually go a lot like this..

Jason: Hi Lily, what are you doing?
Lily: Playing dollies.
J: Are you being a good girl?
L: Yes
J: I miss you
L: I miss you too daddy
J: Okay. I have to go
L: wait!
J: What?
L: Get me a cat.
J: What?
L: Get me a dog.
J: No way!
L: Get me a baby dog.
J: I'm not getting you a puppy.. I have to go
L: Daddy wait!
J: What? What is it?
L: Bring me a baby dog!
J: No, I have to go. Bye
L: Daddy wait!
J: What?
L: I want a baby dog!
J: Go play with Zelda. (in-laws dog)
L: Bring me a baby dog!
J: No Lily. I have to go. Bye [click]
L: [shocked face. immediately followed by pouting face (a picture of which was then sent to daddy]

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'll never make it as a preschool art teacher

Last week, Lily and I got crafty. Which isn't really typical of us oddly enough. We color and make stuff out of Play-Doh and things like that, but rarely do we get down to official craft-like business.

At some point during the endless Sprout television viewing that may or may not happen here, there was a Paper Butterfly craft demonstrated. So simple (watercolors, coffee filters, and pipe cleaners) and so cute. Also.. really easy for an almost 3 year old.

When I saw it on Sprout, I thought.. heck, I can do that.. WE can do that! AND we already had the coffee filters (shocking, I know). Cheap, easy, very little mess (it's watercolor, kids).. the three elements that makes a perfect kids craft.

I flattened out the coffee filters, let Lily paint it however she wanted (on top of a plastic bag), and then let it dry on newspaper while we started another one.

We only got through 4 before she started losing focus on the craft, but by that time the first ones were dry and I was able to start adding the piper cleaners. Lily picked out the colors for the antennas, I cut them in half, scrunched up the dry filters in the middle, and twisted on the pipe cleaners. Done.

This probably makes a better Spring project as apposed to an almost-Fall project, but hey, whatever..  When all the butterflies have their antennas you can add magnets for a fridge, make them into a mobile, etc. And with the leftover pipe cleaners? Lily suggests making your craft partner a flower..

This project wasn't bad, but 5 minutes into I already knew I'd never make it as a preschool art teacher. And I'm okay with that.
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