Thursday, December 13, 2012

First dentist visit? Check.

The most exciting thing to have happened (other than maybe starting school) in our young four-year old lives happened. Finally. The first dentist visit. For Lily as the patient, for me as the mommy of the patient.

Yes, I know, I'm a terrible parent for waiting so long, but.. a) at least she's finally been to see one now, and b) I've been a little busy this year with one thing after another after another after another (including the minor task of being ridiculously pregnant and then having a 2nd child).

So I made an appointment.. and we headed off to it- just she and I. As an aside, other than an occasional morning trip to school, it was the first time it'd been just she and I since.. Noah was born. Which is sad, obviously. (At the same time, it was the first time Noah and Jason were just the two of them. For more than 10 minutes or so. (He didn't care for me pointing that out.) By the way.)

I talked up how awesome getting to go to the dentist was. I super promised they weren't going to drill her teeth (yes, I tell her that if she doesn't brush her teeth well she's going to have them drilled- like mommy). Or pull any out(!- not sure where she got that idea). But.. I could tell she was still just the slightest bit apprehensive going in.

Ya, like that lasted long..

She plopped herself down on a bench in the waiting room. And while I filled out her paperwork, she watched another little girl playing with her Mario and Princess Peach figures. (Woah- not only do other little girls like Super Mario, but there just had to be one in the waiting room with us. It was meant to be.) I didn't realize it at first, then I heard the girl say something about 'Bowser' and Lily responded to her about a castle, I looked up at her- at them.. and smiled, knowing Lily must think the dentist was okay after all.

The dental staff was.. like.. perfect, basically. They knew just what to say to Lily. And when the hygienist missed what Lily had said, because she was talking to me, she immediately apologized to Lily and asked her to repeat herself. They were gentle with her when they needed to be and pushed for a little more as they thought they could get away with it. Although, if they hadn't offered her BLUE raspberry toothpaste, they may never have gotten to brush her teeth.

She was thrilled to get to watch, with a hand held mirror, while they turned all her teeth blue. And then used a straw-like device to suck all the toothpaste and saliva out of her mouth. (When asked later, that was her favorite part.)

Lily was a model child the entire time- cooperative, articulate, funny, charming. When the dentist commented on her red outfit, she told him 'yes, like a strawberry.' As he and the hygienist laughed about that, he continued that she needed a green hat then.. 'or a green jacket,' she responded without missing a beat. And that only made them chuckle more.

The best part? No cavities.

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