Saturday, December 15, 2012

what we did this week

1. Lily went with two different socks, knee socks at that!, the other day. I don't know where she got the idea, but.. it was a good one. (She's so "stylish"- to use a word she's been known to say.)

2. We've done exactly one holiday craft this year (so, thank goodness for preschool). She wanted to.. I can't even remember what it was (that wasn't the best idea).. but I steered her in the modified direction of coloring and sticker-ing Christmas type shapes (tree, ornament, wreath, etc) that I cut out of construction paper. It went okay for about 5 minutes.. then she just wanted to cut paper into microscopic pieces. After I strongly discouraged that.. she instead smeared the glue stick on the paper and stuck random shapes to it. So.. Merry Christmas.

3. Cupcakes. That Jason made and started decorating with Lily. She had her own batch that she coughed all over, licked the frosting off of, and similar 4-year old activities. I was on my way out, but stopped to decorate two anyway, because I thought Lily would enjoy the 3 of us doing a "project" together. I doubt she noticed though, she was too busy sucking the frosting right out of the piping bags. Ah, to be 4.. and full of sugar.

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