Sunday, April 29, 2012

Father and son..

Yesterday Jason was holding Noah and playing around with him on the couch, when he turned to me and said..

He'd look good in a baseball uniform.

As in he should play baseball? Or just wear the uniform?

Wear the uniform. You should get him a little baseball uniform. Red Sox..


I'd watch baseball with him.. 
Ya? Maybe he could teach you how to play..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just goes to show..

I just got an email from Klout. Letting me know that I was suddenly deemed influential about some new topics. Best I could tell my new topics were 'teeth' and 'toothbrush.' Seriously? Seriously.

I assume it was because of this tweet..

..which was about my new Oral-B electric toothbrush. [which took a little getting used to, but is some kind of awesome.]

That's all well and good Klout, but I think you may be confused. If I am influential with these topics it would be in the sense of what not to do. [hi, mommy to an infant here] Because in fact, for the last few months, I consider it a good day if I get to brush my teeth. Or, heck, even just remembering whether or not I did brush my teeth qualifies as a good day to me. And on a bad day? Well.. let's just say that it's no coincidence that I had not one, but two cavities filled on Friday. [with 1, 2, 3, 4 shots of novacaine.. and came very close to crying.]

But whatever.. thank you Klout for recognizing that even a bad example can be a good influential example.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter

The Easter bunny came to our house last night. Or maybe it was Santa- cus that's more what it looked like this morning. Don't look at me.. I contributed exactly 5 things. Only one of them was candy (Angry Birds gummies), two of them were related (Lalaloopsy blind packs), one was from the $1 bin at Target (Zoobles key chain), and one involved some degree of physical/outdoor activity (mini Angry Birds kite). So, see?- I am not to blame. (But I am happy that so little of her stash was candy. She already bounces off the walls enough without it.)

Lily, Noah, and I took a drive to have Easter dinner with my family. Through a really large city. Which didn't scare the cr@p outta me as much as I was dreading it would, but it still wasn't a super good time. For the first time with two children. In my car that is really not big enough for both car seats.

But we made it through. Only to be rewarded with delicious food. And cookies..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

pipe. dreams.

I wanted some privacy this morning. Not like super secret, cone of silence privacy- more like small people not needing anything urgent and without an audience privacy. Which is like.. as much privacy as I can imagine these days. And you would think that with my husband at work, Noah sleeping, and Lily playing in the room next door.. that I would have some while sitting in my own living room. But.. I ended up not. Because my brother-in-law lives with us.

He went out last night and when I went to bed around 2am, he hadn't come back yet. I got up for the day around 10am (after feeding Noah 3 or 4 times during the night), but had no idea whether or not he had tiptoed in while I was sleeping. Which is frustrating. Frustrating like.. when I just need to run into the bathroom, pee (and wash my hands), and run out again, because you know.. kids. (Privacy, pff.) But most of the time I can't do it- unless I've actually seen my brother-in-law leave, I've been awake the whole time afterwards, and know he didn't come back. But even then..

I have no idea if his girlfriend is still around. Yup. Of course, there has to be a girlfriend too. Who basically lives here. Because, ya know, of course. Which is.. whatever.. it is what it is. If you have one extra person living with you, you might as well have two.. or twelve, right? What difference does it make, extra is extra.

So just because my brother-in-law leaves, doesn't mean his girlfriend does. Oh yes. There's been plenty of times he's left for work, I've been at home all day with Lily and Noah, haven't heard a peep from his room, and then he comes home by himself.. only to leave 10 minutes later.. WITH his girlfriend. The first few times I couldn't believe it. "How does she not have pee.. all day?!," I said to Jason. "I would have to pee. Does she just sleep? I never hear a sound all day.. and then it's like poof, there she is."

I don't understand. Why? Why would you just sit in a room all day? Not peeing (I mean, hopefully), not eating, or drinking, going outside, or watching tv. Like a pet. Like a goldfish, because they are the quiet. I have no idea. None of us understand what is going on. Don't even get me started on how I feel about leaving the house when she's there by herself.

But.. I have a dream. A dream I've had since all of this started oh so long ago. And that dream is to someday not have any in-laws living with me. It is a pipe dream, I realize, and yet I cannot stop hoping for it. The origins of that phrase.. the dreams you might have after smoking an opium pipe.. really may be the only thing that gets me through this..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

me and catwoman

It's not what you think. Or, I don't know.. maybe it is.

In the middle of changing a diaper tonight I looked up at the tv to see a split second of the beginning of Batman Returns. And I screamed for Jason to quick, turn it back..

"Is that the beginning of Batman?! Look at her! [Selina Kyle pre-catwoman] I was looking in the mirror the other day and I said wow I look like Catwoman. Before she was Catwoman and was just crazy. And had cats."

Jason looked at the tv. And then at me. And back at the tv. And at me. He didn't say anything, just started to smile a little.

"See?! I told you!"

Poor Selina Kyle. She looks like someone's overworked, overtired mother. I wonder what that's like..
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