About me

I blog. I wrangle my children. I drink coffee. I speak sarcastically. But probably not in that order.

I have one Lily (6, going on 16) and one Noah (2 1/2). They are 99% enjoyable, 1% why are there so many of you?

I'm a vegetarian. I recycle. I shop at Target. I hate cooking. I know how to knit and sew. I have a fire escape garden.

I drink coffee. I take pictures. I read things on Twitter. I DVR the local news and sometimes my children actually let me watch it. I also watch Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, Doctor Who, Elementary, Parenthood.. and probably some other stuff.

The last movie I watched was Saving Mr. Banks. Before that I watched Jobs, The Monuments Men, and The Internship. At home.. I watch these movies at home- I haven't been to a movie theater in over 6 years.. which is "coincidentally" how old my oldest child is.

That is all.

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